Wallpaper of The Week: Cosmic Break

17 07 2015

Here’s a wallpaper from one of my favourite game, Cosmic Break. This one looks very good that it is a total worth making this the Wallpaper of The Week and I hope you guys who are a fan of Cosmic Break can appreciate this wallpaper.

Konachan.com - 203303 2girls cosmic_break moon tagme weapon wings


Beat of The Day: The Girl by Hellberg (Stonebank Remix)

17 07 2015

Time for an upbeat Happy Hardcore tune here by Hellberg entitled simply by The Girl. This song sounded a lot like a drum n’ bass tune and that’s why it’s just so groovy to listen to it over and over again.


Wallpaper of The Week: Northern Hime x Seaport Hime

17 07 2015

Time for a new Wallpaper of The Week submission and let’s take this back to the Kantai Collection (Kancolle) series. You have been loving the enemy vessels so here I present you a pretty well rendered of Northern Hime and Seaport Hime. Do enjoy the wallpapers, guys!

Konachan.com - 203543 2girls anthropomorphism barefoot black dress horns kantai_collection long_hair miwa_shirow polychromatic red_eyes seaport_hime white_hair


Vocaloid comics – Hatsune mix(ch.17)

16 07 2015

Who here still remembers and loves Vocaloid? *raises a hand* I do! I still love ’em all.
It’s been a while since the last update of this short manga on the Vocaloids. And here I present to you chapter 17 of Hatsune mix. A chapter about a diamond ring. Enjoy~!


Winamp Skin: Headphone Girls

15 07 2015

2 month’s ago ,i’m back to my home town(Malang) ,and then search my old work in computer and i thought can share with everyone.Maybe this is a bit early but i want to say “Happy Eid Mubarak” to the Muslim audience . Anyway,enough with that stuff and enjoy this winamp skin .
head phone girls

Skin Name: Headphone Girl

File Size: 742 KB

Color Theme: Purple

Features: Play control, Round Seeker, song title, equalizer, playlist, media library


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Winamp section. If you have any request on anime character to be featured in our skin repository, please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment at Randomness Thing. Happy downloading!

Cosplay Photo of the Day: Aichi as Anarchy Panty

10 07 2015

Since the weather at my place is very cold, Here’s a photo to warm everyone up. Have a cute and sexy Panty cosplay shot which was portrayed by a friend of mine… I can imagine her saying Ahri’s line “Let’s have some real fun~” in this photo. I hope you guys like it.

CN: Aichi
Character: Anarchy Panty
Series: Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt
Photographer/Editor: Ianah Otaku [link to page]


Wallpaper of The Week: 1000-chan 3

8 07 2015

Always been loving this girl right here with her blue outfit and cute nekomimi attachment on her head and this is why I have no hesitation on making 1000-chan or Sen-chan my Wallpaper of The Week. She is just too cute to pass up as a Wallpaper of The Week.

Konachan.com - 202449 1000-chan blue_hair boots flowers hoodie purple_eyes rain sanshou short_hair water



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