AMV – Let’s Play Ball

28 08 2015

Hello again everyone, Silver here.

This morning I was looking around YouTube and yet again another well done AMV by the AnimeUnity Team.

Personally I like the visuals and the music fits it pretty well too, i couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you, Hope you enjoy!

Wallpaper of the Week: Scenic Sunset

26 08 2015

Hello Everyone to my first post, I Welcome you to this sunset picture that I have chosen as my Wallpaper for this week.

Featuring a minimalistic landscape that draws attention to the warmth of the sun that is watched by the solitary girl and her cat as it sets over the hills, Enjoy the gentle glow of colour that this picture will bring to your desktop.

Sunakimo Sunset

Wallpaper of The Week: Gothic Girl 5

23 08 2015

Don’t you love a high resolution wallpaper featuring a gorgeous gothic loli girl? This is how you pick a good dark themed wallpaper that makes your desktop more elegant. Hope you like this one Wallpaper of The Week post I pick out for you. - 204702 apple228 blue_eyes boots butterfly dark dress goth-loli headband lolita_fashion long_hair mask original polychromatic


Kantai Collection Girl Wallpaper Pack 11

22 08 2015

The Kantai Collection (Kancolle) girls are inbound for another wallpaper pack to fill up your desktop wallpapers selection and I have selected many gorgeous pictures of these anthropomorphic naval vessel ladies for you who are a hardcore fan of them.

Zipped File Download –


Wallpaper of The Week: Saber 10

21 08 2015

How many of you are dreaming a Saber to be your bride? She is looking so gorgeous in that bridal outfit with that shiny blond hair. I think Saber is the very definition of true grace and beauty at the same time. This Fate series diva really deserves to be featured over and over again as the Wallpaper of The Week. - 205312 blonde_hair butterfly dress elbow_gloves fate_stay_night flowers magicians saber wedding_attire


Beat of The Day: Shades of Grey by Oliver Heldens X Shaun Frank (Win & Woo X Kiso Remix)

21 08 2015

A cool and chilled house music just perfect for a cool rainy day. You will find yourself abusing the replay button listening to this music and I won’t blame you since I did the same. Never heard of Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank before but definitely they are on my watchlist from now on.


Wallpaper of The Week: Weapon Wielding Girl 5

21 08 2015

Loving this wallpaper I just found at Konachan and you know I love girls wielding a long ass katana. Plus, that white hair is just so awesome and probably only in anime you can rock a white hair. If it were in reality, maybe it will be looked funny. - 205208 breasts cleavage gradient hoolim2 katana long_hair original red_eyes sword thighhighs torn_clothes twintails watermark weapon white_hair



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