Desktop Goodies: Hatsune Miku Sing & Dance QruQru

16 04 2009

Hey guys, I just downloaded a brand new desktop enhancement application. It’s the internet idol, Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid. In this application, you can play 3D animated Hatsune Miku and she will sing & dance on your desktop. It’s an unnecessary desktop enhancement if you ask me, but occasionally I like to turn her on just for funnsies (It gives off my stress and her dance is very cute). This application is supported by 4 songs and 7 version of animated Hatsune Miku. I still can’t figure out how to change or add new songs into. So if any you guys know how to do it, please let me know. Anyway, for now, just enjoy this cute anime desktop accessories for your windows desktop capability.

4-16-2009-9-53-24-pmFile Name: Desktop Miku

File Size: 157 MB


Language: Japanese

Special Thanks: Randummonkey for uploading this to megaupload. Complete detail of the forum can be found in

Note: To run this program, you just have to double-click the start.exe and you will be brought to a menu of 7 Mikus. Select one of theme then you will activate the application with Miku singing and dancing with a particular music you have selected.



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7 06 2009

you change the wav files in the folder but then lip movements are out of synch. is this a trial version or the full version?

7 06 2009
Souza Nurafrianto

I’m assuming that this is a pre-made visual not a soundwave lip-sync application. So when you change the wav file, the mouth movement doesn’t adept the new sound. But that’s just me, I only download this from another site.

20 06 2009
ashley balderrama

i have a miku qruqru 2 but i have 8 versions on mine with 4 songs…..yea she’s verrrrry cute! i also love how they have the teenage lookin miku then they have the smaller baby looking miku! its just so cutttte!!! i have the 2007 winter vertion….do’s anyone have a newer verstion and if so…where can i find it! my email is…..thanks!

19 07 2009

it’s a cool app, but now I have a little miku on my desktop that wont shut the fuck up. I suggest if you get this, only use it when you’re not using your pc for anything important

15 11 2009

just press escape :3

5 04 2010

or just press the space bar. she stops singing then

22 07 2009

the 3rd option on the menu mutes her~ so u only have a quiet dancing miku

28 07 2009

Very cute!

Would be pretty neat if this had an expansion to add some other Vocaloids.

26 04 2011

They have a Rin one ^^

5 08 2009

Uhm, it won’t mess up your computer, will it?

7 08 2009
Souza Nurafrianto

I don’t think so, since it is only a desktop enhancement program

5 09 2009

I seem to have some sort of graphical problem, it blinks, is this normal? wtf?

5 09 2009
Souza Nurafrianto

Unfortunately I can’t help you there, since I’m not the developer of that particular software. Anybody else, maybe?

7 09 2009

there’s another version for rin and len(no sound though)
and another miku one with 1 song
(not my blog)

and the entire character is in the .glj files, replacing that will replace all movements and the character model.

it seems to be using idolmaster models

7 09 2009

ah forgot something, i applied a quick translation to the menu.
that executable should work on all desktop thingies based on this engine.
translated it using the translation behind the len&rin link i posted earlier as guideline.

1 12 2010

I wanna use this so badly, but Megaupload is blocked here in Saudi. Is there any other way to get it? Please help…

1 12 2010
1 12 2010

Oh, many many thanks!!! *Hugs*

Really really fantastic. Thank you again. However, the hug is a joke. :P

Dude, I am SO pleased! I thought that I was not going to use that thing! Thanks again!

1 12 2010
Souza Nurafrianto

I’ve ever been to Saudi so I know how it feels with all the site blocking stuff. Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers!

19 09 2009

Well the graphical problem i encountered seems to be a winXP thing, i tryed it on Vista and it looked fine, on Xp it looks like its not using the right framerate, but setting it to 30 did nothing for me.

9 12 2009

YO guys I have a mac I downloaded I hear music but there is just a white box covering the screen with no miku in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 12 2009


12 12 2009

Is it possible to dowload other miku’s? This program is cute!!

12 12 2009
Souza Nurafrianto

Hmm, dicemaster has a link for Kagamine Rin and Len but I don’t know about other miku.

14 03 2010
Clemente Vandeveble

Very good advice in that blog post, anime takes up too much of my own work-time.

30 04 2010

Requires DirectX to work. Requires DirectX10+ to work normally, If you are on windows Xp or older and using Dx9- it will be choppy as hell and annoying =/

9 05 2010
heather chan

it didnt work damn meGA UPLOAD

14 06 2010

si q esta bueno el programita y gracias por la pagina cuate XD

7 08 2010
Nati-Chan :D

Heey…..I want Len! :( Because can’t find him…>___<"

8 10 2010

I want a mirror for Mediafire!

13 03 2011
Abdullah ab

Hellow !! Bonamanimalako …U r from Saudi Arabia Thats Great and u live in Jeddah It’s More Great {(> ,<)} !! Hey I like to Connect you through Facebook…My fb name is Ab Abdullah with Vocaloid Len kagamine profile pic ; )

13 03 2011
Souza Nurafrianto

No, I’m not from Saudi Arabia to tell you the truth.

13 03 2011
Abdullah ab

ow I was saying to “” Bonamanimalako “” {(^_^)}

14 03 2011
Souza Nurafrianto

Oho, my bad. How embarassing of me.

18 05 2011

hey, i would love to have this…but everytime i try to download it it downloads as a photograph and then will not open.


18 05 2011

Are you sure you click the right link?

18 05 2011
secretssssss <— At this site , there are updates for the 3D QruQru Miku Desktop App… New Songs , bug fixes , and many more? But there is one problem , even if you get the updates you dont know the password…. :/ heck i dont know the password either!! so i want those updates urgently too! Heck if someone can help out… also who would turn down a newer version of the QruQru Miku 3D? :/

18 05 2011

Forgot to mention that the update’s are packed inside Zip Files with Password…. Typical for the Jap Releases… Also use Google Translate if you dont understand anything on the site…!

18 05 2011
secretssssss – Brute Force Arhive Password Recovery managed to get me the password…
every zip file in the site is using 20071103 for a password… feel free to update ! Yay! and also missing song file , i have found it , converted it , uploaded it! its for the Lip Sync!!! DL Link —>
Feel Free to Spread this info… Becouse there are Many People out there who are looking for newer Version of this!!!
A few New options include Scalling Miku to a bigger size and better quality! also i think some Modeling/animation’s have been fixed for a proper fit!!! GAME ON BABY!

26 05 2011

I want Len at my desktop.. TT^TT

17 06 2011
CT I Uploaded this. it’s basically it with all the recent updates applied(had to bruteforce all those zips) and with the missing song included. have fun =)

18 10 2011


18 10 2011

Easy, press the escape button.

21 11 2012

LINK Missing – Xd—— Please re-Upload
help me- ^^

31 12 2012

If this is what you are referring to, here:

12 03 2014

search on 4shared u could findit

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