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Review: Antique Heart

1 06 2011

Sorry for not posting lately, due to our enrollment and first day of school which is this coming Monday… :(

Well let’s set that aside today Iwill post about a unique one-shot OVA that, though not particularly special, shouldn’t be lost in the annals of anime history.

There’s an old decrepit building at the edge of the school grounds that hasn’t been used for years, and it falls apart a little bit more each day. The soccer players smack the ball off the crumbling walls, annoyed that it gets in the way of their practice. But the little house holds a secret, as Takahiro and his friends are soon to find out. On an inspection of the ancient place, they wind up making contact with a mysterious entity known as Saki. Her spirit’s been entwined with the building for years…can Takahiro save Saki’s world from destruction?

The animation, meanwhile, is 12 years old, and as such is not quite what most current anime viewers expect. It’s not in the somewhat blander styles in the late 70s and early 80s, and in some ways it reflects the upcoming changes that would distinguish mid and late 90s anime. It was better than I expected, but not a standout. The soundtrack was not distinguished by anything special, but lends an appropriately creepy underpinning to certain sequences. There was nothing offensive except some mild language (which would assume you know a little Japanese anyway).

>Princess Saki (Main)
>Honda, Takahiro (Main)
>Kawasaki, Toru (Main)
>Suzuki, Tadashi (Main)
>Matsuda (Supporting)
>Principal (Supporting)

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