Doujin Game: Combat DX9 – Kinryu vs Xentex

22 07 2011

This is a 3D combat game that can host up to 4 players. Just like Magical Battle Arena, Combat DX9 employs the same game type but with the difference of loli mecha characters and there is a ground instead of battling up in the air which may cause a little bit of confusion sometimes.

Combat DX9 characters are based on Ichigeki Sachuu!! Hoihoi-san from the manga and later on made it to an anime. The characters are practically mini mecha maids that should be doing household chores. But once Kinryu mecha meets with Xentex mecha, the story develops to something more explosive.

You can select your character by either siding with Kinryu or Xentex and you can equip them with weapons that will affect how you will face your enemy.

A note on the gameplay is that you might want to run 殲滅指令!!COMBAT_DX9_212.exe for the latest patch of the game and unfortunately again, this game is not available for its English patch. The main menu is the only thing that is English but I hope you can get by since this only a fighting game with no story whatsoever. Also, you can play this game online by joining to other people’s IP address or if you are not up to it, you can just play with the AI. Have fun, you loli pervys!

Download Link:



7 responses

23 07 2011

Lol XDD panzu-shooter))

25 07 2011
Bimo Satrio

i played this game for 2 days and i got all intercepter-doll including IDF-9.1~ XD
thanks for the share >.< i really enjoy it~ X3

1 08 2011

was surfing for a new game to play and i saw this…at first i thot its boring but when i played it i cant stop xD

7 08 2011

Can teach me how to connect through IP please T.T it seem always fail~

1 04 2012

err.. I tried to download it but only a video comes up..
where can I download the game?

22 07 2012
Bryan Ortiz Llanos (@bryanortiz05)

no sirve se pone todo blanco

2 08 2014

i simply can’t figure out the controls for this game.
can anyone tell me?

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