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【ナノ(nano)】NANOIR 【Official Debut Album】

14 03 2012

As promised, I have more Utaite news for all those fans out there! Nano’s debut album ‘NANOIR’ officially goes on sale today! Most of you probably have never heard of Nano because up until about a year ago, she was virtually unknown throughout NND. Known for her strong, tomboyish voice, Nano grew up in New York City and as a result, speaks both Japanese and English fluently. Known for both her covers of Vocaloid and Avril Lavigne songs, Nano has made quite a name for herself in the utaite world.

In April, she will be singing the opening to the 2nd season of the anime Phi Brain.

NANOIR is currently available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B006DUHQBM) and features popular Vocaloid songs such as ‘Just Be Friends’ and ‘Calc’ as well as her own original song called ‘Magenta’.

Here’s the promo video:


1. “magenta” nano devilishP & nano devilishP
2. “ヒステリ (Hystery)” KuwagataP, nano KuwagataP
3. “GALLOWS BELL” nano buzzG
4. “Beautiful ground” Yuyoyuppe Yuyoyuppe Yuyoyuppe
5. “glow” mes keeno
6. “想イ出カケラ” nano devilishP
7. “Dive In Your Eyes” nano buzzG
8. “Just Be Friends” Dixie Flatline Dixie Flatline MuryokuP
9. “EMPTY SHELL” nano nano Yuyoyuppe
10. “メランコリック (feat. neko)” nano Junky neko
11. “第一次ジブン戦争 (feat. __)” honeyworks(Gom) honeyworks(Gom)
12. “calc~Piano Live Version~” JimmythumbP, Madoka Ueno JimmythumbP,



2 responses

14 03 2012

Wouldn’t happen to know where I could buy this? I’m in Canada.

14 03 2012

I’m pretty sure you can get it on the link I provided. You probably have to pay extra shipping though…If that doesn’t work out, please contact me.

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