From Y to Y by Kuri Purin (Yukohamu Dance Version)

13 01 2014

This From Y to Y sung by Kuri Purin sounds very soft and with the accompanied by a cute dancer, Yukohamu, the song sounds very much adorable and sweet to be listened to.


Hatsune Miku Cursor Pack (Repackaged Version)

31 08 2013

Celebrating the joyous event of Hatsune Miku’s birthday today (which I just noticed from Sylph-chan post), I decided to remake this cursor pack again. You guys have been berating me about it and sadly, this file got deleted from MediaFire (Damn you, MediaFire!). So, I decided to go for a limb and make this cursor all over again. You can download this skin on the new uploaded file here. Enjoy!

Cursor Name: Hatsune

File Size: 115 KB


Note: You have to install CursorXP to use this cursor which can be obtained in Alternatively, you can use CursorFX to use this cursor which can be obtained in After you have installed the program, just double-click on the Hatsune.CurXPTheme and your cursor will changed to the new cursor. Happy downloading!


Ultimate Knight: Windom XP – Vocalion!

2 05 2013

More about Ultimate Knight… actually these are just mods which you can download online, but the link were disabled by the owner…

Name: Vocalion (Vocaloid)
Developer: Mr.Shinoya and Yamaha Corporation
Released: Only in Japan
Latest release version: BIRD WEISER Ver.0.95
Latest preview date:  January 05, 2013
Operating system:  Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Language: Japanese
Genre: 3D animated Videos
License: Freeware

”Vocalion”, (ボカリヨン) It is commonly known as Mobile Diva. These models/machines were made for advanced users model and created by both Mr.Shinoya and Yamaha Corporation. Just like the Vocaloid we know, it is a singing voice synthesizer. Is a freeware animation model which has the same characters as Vocaloid. Such as the following:

Sakine Meiko a.k.a. VL-001C

Shion Kaito a.k.a. VL-002C

Hatsune Miku a.k.a. VL2-001

Kagamine Rin and Len a.k.a. VL2-002(Len) & VL2-002(Rin)

Kagamine Append a.k.a. VL2-002(Append)

Megurine Luka a.k.a. VL2-003

Gackpoid a.k.a. IN-X01 Bishamon Ten
prototype Vu~oka Lloyd IN company developed. Airframe structure fundamentally different from the Vu~oka Lloyd other, it is instantaneous power using an artificial muscle, and design of mobility-oriented. The projector is equipped with aircraft that are intended to close hand-to-hand combat, on top of the main frame of the exoskeleton formula, you have placed a heavily armored part to the damage is assumed. Weapons only blade. To accommodate long range attack, and is mounted on the shoulders of the optical field generator.

Megpoid a.k.a. IN-X02 Valkyrie
Prototype Vu~oka Lloyd of second plane developed by IN’s. As support machine for hand-to-hand combat machine, such as Bishamon Ten, I do the near-and medium-range combat due to high mobility. Is the height of the reconnaissance capability is noteworthy, play and search operation by the camera switching and high-performance radar, also serves as a scout. It’s light clothing, but because it can be carried out as well as sniper and support, and we can say that general-purpose machine for the first time IN manufactured.


The software allows users to import 3D models into a virtual space that can be moved and animated accordingly. The expressions of the 3D figures can be easily altered and sound can be further added to create music videos. The ‘motion data’, created by animating the models can be exported and imported into other music videos made with the software and allows users to share the data with other users. The software also uses the Bullet software|Bullet physics engine. Users can also use Microsoft’s Kinect for motion capturing. Map shadowing, screenshot rendering and full movie rendering is also possible.

The first television anime series to be fully produced with the software, ”Straight Title Robot Anime”, premiered on February 5, 2013.

To know more about the creator, visit these links:
Shinoya-san’s Piapro
Shinoya-san’s Pixiv
Shinoya-san’s Twitter

To download MMD Models of some Vocalion click this [link]

†More Pics~


Winamp Skins: Snow Miku [ind4.1]

13 07 2012

Hi there, it has been a long time since I post a new winamp skin. My apologize for that. :)
Now its time for Miku again, but now she’s on snow miku mode.
I made this one with the capability of doing an animation so she could synchronize with the song playes.

Recommendation song: Jormungand – Mami Kawada – Borderland.
Or song without intro..

Skins Name: Snow Miku [ind4.1]

Type: Modern Winamp Skins

Status: Free

File Size: 587 kb

Please visit

If you like this skins, why not you donate to support me to make new skin again.. :)

Note: Installation and usage of this skins can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!

Desktop Goodies: Miku Kaito Clock

29 03 2012

This is my very first skin of the rainmeter stuff. Hope you like it. I need any suggestion fto make it better. [after all I made this clock for 15 minute, so sorry].

Skin Name: Miku Kaito Clock

File Size: 126 KB

Color Theme: Miku and Kaito Colour

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!

Please visit

Winamp Skins: Azunyan Cosplay Miku [ind2.5 perfect version]

19 03 2012

Limited edition!! download now, cause I will erase this skins at 19 April 3012. hhehe.. :p

>> Someone will said: hey! why azunyan again? I’ll answer I’ll do what I want. Selfish huh? hhehe.. B)

So why azunyan again? cause Im not satisfied with my precious azunyan skins.
Now the animated star can sincronize with music beat.
That why I named this skins with perfect version.

>> Someone after download and instal this skins will said: hey! where is the player button?
I’ll answer please click the azunyan pict, and the player button will show.

>> Someone after the player button showed will ask: hey! why the animated star is gone?
I’ll answer its for some people [my little sister and my girlfriend] who doesnt like something with blink blink.

>> Someone will sai.. [ooii enough! please just enjoy it] :p

Skins Name: Azunyan Miku [ind2.5 perfect version]

Type: Modern Winamp Skins

File Size: 601 kb

You can download this winamp skins at:

Note: Installation and usage of this skins can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!

please visit

Winamp Skins: Azunyan Miku Cosplay [ind2.4]

22 02 2012

Update: we have the perfect version of this skins at

Azunyaaaan.. :3 I found this great picture, who azunyan cosplay miku. I was added a animated star even its not in beatrate [not yet] mode. enjoy.

23:58 p.m. :yawn

Azusa Nakano (中野[なかの] 梓[あずさ] Nakano Azusa) also known as Azu-nyan, is a new student at Sakura High. She decides to join the light music club [K-ON] after seeing the band’s performance in the school festival and becomes the group’s rhythm guitarist.

Skins Name: Azunyan Miku [ind2.4]

Type: Modern Winamp Skins

File Size: 711 kb

You can download this winamp skins at:

Note: Installation and usage of this skins can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!

please visit


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