World Theory Proposal – Religion Information Distortion

29 11 2010

This is not pure my thinking and I reach this conclusion with the help of Kaza-kun perspective. Basically, we were chatting about religion and I’m interested in Kaza-kun’s logic in explaining the existence of religion. To be honest, Kaza-kun strikes a strong arguments on how religions are brought to this world and kept me thinking that there is a possibility in his arguments. So, I will be borrowing your insights for this matter if you don’t mind, Kaza-kun.

Religion for all its matter has already been in human’s life for such a long time ago. Why? Because human has one strong trait, fear. It’s fear that drives human into believing many things. Fear gives you irrational thoughts and short decision on how to react to certain things. When humans fear darkness and they found light, they believe fire as their supreme being. When people fear of the cold of night and they found the sun, they will worship the sun. And lastly, when humans fear of death, they create God that will guarantee salvation and heaven if they do good deeds.

Religions can be used as a politic agenda to control humans behaviour since for all time history, fear is the efficient power to rule the world. Case and point, Christian church during the darkage has a strong influence even until how the universe work (Earth being the center of universe).

Religion is an evolution process. Basically the same story with different characters in it. Norse religion puts Odin and Valkyrie as an agent for humans to become a warrior in Valhalla. Whilst Greek Mythology has Zeus and other Gods to be worship to maintain prosperity in the land. Christian has their Jesus and Islam has their Allah. Basically, the message of religions are “Do good deeds and you shall be beneficial”.

Thinking of that, now why do you think that Norse and Greek is just a mythology while you believe your religion to be factual? Is it because the ridiculousness of the story of a warrior being chosen by God to fight for them? But each and every religion has their wacky tale in it right? Jesus could walk on water, Moses who can split the ocean with his rod, and Noah and the flood.

Now, I’m not saying that those stories are lies and there is no proof for me to say so. However, there is one possibility that could be considered which concludes to such stories. And that fellas would be the distortion of information.

We all know that at that time there is no handycam, phone, or all the gadget that can be used to record the actual event. People only rely on mouth-to-mouth information which can be misleading sometimes. So, maybe one of the followers of a certain prophets or humans do something extraordinary such as walking on the water while in fact maybe there are some rocks that is slightly available as a standing ground. The misleading information got spread around so big that the prophet himself can’t explain that that just a mere coincidence (Or he wants to be famous. Hey, who wouldn’t want to be considered as God, huh?)

 As a conclusion, we can’t take religion scripture seriously since the tale that is written there doesn’t provide us with hard evidence. We all just rely on others to spread the story which considering the human’s brain can mislead what he actually perceives. And let’s not forget the element of fear that opens the possibility to an irrational thinking…

Noordin M. Top Death: An End to an Overbearing Terror in Indonesia?

8 08 2009

NOORDIN M TOPToday, at around 10:00 AM morning, Indonesian special force (Densus 88) had successfully neutralized the suspected leader of terrorist attacks in Bali, Australia embassy, and J.W. Marriot & Ritz Carlton hotel in Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia.

Named Noordin M. Top, this person was shot to death by the officer while he was covering in a civillian resident. He was strapped by bomb when he was found dead in the toilet of the house. Noordin M. Top is allegedly a terrorist who claimed to be one of the members of an Islamic organization. He is from Malaysia and he masterminded all the bombing incident which took place in Indonesia territory.

Another information is that the officers also found 600 kilos of explosives ingridient in Bekasi and 100 kilos of them were going to be transported to Cikeas, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s resident, by an L300 vehicle.

Five suspects were arrested during the operation and three were killed in a gunshot battle. Previously, the President warned the citizen of Indonesia that this terrorist is still at large and is aiming for the President’s life. A couple of photo evidence were also circulated by the government that there is a group of terrorists that are stationed in Indonesia.

The prediction went true and who would’ve thought that it is the same man who have blasted Bali in 2002. Unfortunately, the police force were unable to catch Noordin M. Top alive to spill out more information about the terrorist activity and it seems that this incident has upgraded from a mere religious cause to a possibility of a political and economy cause. All we can do is hope that the death of the leader of 4 bombings incident in Indonesia is the final horror that we have to go through.


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