Desktop Goodies: Rainmeter

Another desktop enhancement software which tell you your CPU performance, RAM, Swap memory, and other useful information about your computer. Called the Rainmeter, this software also can tell you what you are listening and play music for you by invoking winamp. The name looks delusive, first I thought this is a weather report software. Anyway, if you are the person who likes to waste your CPU memory by adding widget, then this widget is for you. Just like Rainlendar, this software is very customable. Here’s the skin I’ve downloaded just for a starter pack:

rainmeter_ayukaSkin name: Ayuka

File Size: 185 KB

Color Theme: White Brownies

Extra: Ayuka w/ pigtail & Japan language


Rainmeter –

Skin –

Just as usual don’t forget to install Rainmeter first and move the Ayuka skin extracted folder to the Rainmeter skin folder. Then after you run the Rainmeter, right click on the tray icon and  highlight config. Go to Ayuka and there will be two options, choose “Ayuka_CDEFG” for english version or “Ayuka_CD” for Japanese version. Well, you could actually set what text you want to be displayed in the .ini file. Happy Downloading!


35 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Rainmeter

  1. Have you downloaded the rainmeter application yet? If yes, put the skin in the rainmeter application skin directory. If you use default installation, that directory can be found at C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Skin. Now, activate your rainmeter program and do you see a tear drop icon on your taskbar? Right click there and pick config. Ifyou do it right, you can see the skin name you just put to the skin directory. If not, click refresh and go to the config again.

  2. I installed rainmeter and put the Ayuka folder in rainmeters skins folder. Every time I open rainmeter within 30 seconds it says that it has stopped working. Any ideas?

  3. How do I change to and from her pigtail picture?
    I did it once by accident, now I can’t find out how to do it again

  4. How do I get her, and ONLY her, on screen. I’ve got all this other crap that I couldn’t care less for on.

  5. I have a XP and also have rainmeter downloaded but the application is not working…it’s like all in pieces and files….any idea on how to actually activate the program? ;_;

    • Even I am not able to run the latest verison of rainmeter on win7 x64….I see the tear drop icon on system tray but it does nothing…I tried right clicking and left clicking the icon but no menu pops up…..Only rainmeter 0.14 is working for me….any one knows how to make the latest version to work on my system,,,,

  6. the rainmeter works… but…
    i have winamp 3.0 installed and when i try to put music on the rainmeter or clic the winamp simbol, nothing happend.

  7. Where do you put the installation directory? The default path is C:\Program Files\Winamp. If you installed it in a different directory, you have to change the value of Winamp Dierctory in the .ini file.

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