Configuring Wireless Internet from Speedy DSL Using Prolink 6300G

prolink_6300g_modemrouterJust bought a wireless router a week ago, since my sister was in need of an internet connection. Since it will be a troublesome for her to use my DSL router everytime she want to connect to the net, I trouble myself to buy a wireless router, Prolink 6300G. The price was Rp 473.000,00. I don’t know if that price was a bargain or too expensive, I’m bad at price comparing and I just buy something on the spot instead of traveling around checking for price or bargain to the sales person.

Anyway, I thought I will show you how to configure the prolink 6300G so that you can surf the web wirelessly. Yes, you can read the manual, but still…

So, to configure your prolink, switch on your prolink and connect the internet port with your DSL port (I used DSL since that is my only option in this country, good grief). After the WLAN and internet lamp switch on, search for the prolink access point. If you can’t find it, get yourself a LAN cable and plug the cable from any available port of the prolink to your computer’s LAN port.

Then, check the manual to find the default ip address of the wireless router. In my case, it is So on your address bar of your browser, type the ip address of wireless router and click GO. This will bring you the router’s page:

3-7-2009-9-41-01-pmTo configure your router, click Setup Wizard and click next. You will be prompted to select your time zone, just select the appropriate timezone and click next. On the next menu, you will be asked whether you want to change the ip address of the router, I myself changed it to and pick my subnet mask to be since that ip address is easier to remember. Anyway, click next.

Now, you have to setup your WAN interface. Use static ip as your WAN access type and fill the following information:

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:


An additional note though, you fill in the default gateway with the ip address of your DSL router, that is the router which connects you to the internet. you can check that by plugging your LAN port of the DSL router to your computer’s LAN port and run command prompt. type ipconfig and tap enter. See the default gateway of your Local Area Connection? That’s your default gateway for the wireless router.

Anyway, after you finish click next. Now, you have to configure your Wireless Basic Setting. Fill in the information with:

Band: 2.4 GHZ (G)

Mode: AP

SSID: Souza’s

Channel: 11

You can set your SSID with any name you want, it will be the display name of your wireless access point list. Click next if you have finished. In the next menu, you will set up your security for your wireless router. Take time to do this to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your internet. Choose WPA or WPA personal as your encryption with TKIP as your WPA Chiper suite. Then, type in your password to access your access point. Click Finished.

Voila, your done. Now you can surf the internet using your wireless router. An additional note though, if your using Windows Vista, you have to configure your access point properties first. So, in your wireless access point list, right click on your SSID wireless name and click properties. Set the security setting the same as what you’ve done in configuring the security for your wireless router (WPA or WPA personal stuff and so on). Then, you’re set to go. Happy surfing!


5 responses to “Configuring Wireless Internet from Speedy DSL Using Prolink 6300G

  1. gw bru langganan speedy, ilmu jaringn msh awam bgt, mhon bntuan, gw mw bkin akses point tp dengn modem ADSL rOUTER tp-link TD-8910G, gmn setting dirouternya biar bsa dial otomatis dr router so kl da yg akses kmptr gw ga hrus idup. Thks,,,,,

  2. Bro, aku dah set ky yng bro anjurin, wifi dah kedetect tp kok ga bisa browsing, cara setting ip speedy nya gimana ?

  3. thanks ya bro,,, gw baru buka email ni, setelah gw pake ilmu coba-coba n nanya-nanya dikit ma temen2 yang ngerti jaringan akhirnya gw bisa bikin AP skala kecil pake TD-8910W, jadi sekarang warnet gw bisa gantian modem yang dipake. gw udah nyoba pake sekurity wep, karena gw percobaannya pake nokia E63 hampir stress gw dibuatnya, ternyata respons hp gw lambat ma perubahan sekurity itu, setelah bisa pake client( gw pinjem dulu 1 pc client buat percobaan) gw tes lagi pake HP,,,1,,,2,,,3,,,4,,,5,,,,
    yah,,, akhirnya bisa juga, jadi kalo yang jaga warnet temen gw, gw onlinenya pake HP. senang berbagi ilmu dengan anda

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