Conversation With a Muslim at The Sauna

Okay okay, so I said that no religion talk in this blog and no lame ass diary-like post. But before you judge, this is not a post to intimidate muslims in general nor I’m attempting to disgracing someone’s religion. This is just a hilarious true story that I just had this evening.

So, I finished playing basketball with some people I just met in the club and I decided to take sometime at the sauna. I went to the men’s sauna room (obviously, not that I often delibrately mistaken for entering a women’s sauna). I went in and I found out there was a man who had already entered previously. I’m not gonna say his name, since he didn’t introduce himself, so I’ll just describe him as dark hair brown man (DHBM).

I sat down and looked at the thermostat. “Gosh, 60 degrees centrigrade” I cried. The man notice, “Say what, kid?”. Oh yeah, the man was likely to be 30-40 years olds by the way. “It’s 60 degrees, its quite hot” I replied. “Well, it’s hotter in hell…” he said.

I don’t know if it’s just me or the temperature room is just too hot, but his voice was a little pissed off. Okay, so I maybe a little sensitive, so I just ignore and laugh in irony. However, a several seconds later he starts to ask me some questions that a normal people who just met wouldn’t ask. Here’s how the conversation went:

The Man: Do you believe in hell?

Me: (Feeling a little annoyed) No.

The Man: Do you believe in God?

Me: I believe that the concept of God has put human into fear in order to follow what He has commanded in the bible. However, I don’t believe that God existed.

The Man: (Rise his voice)Well, you youngster always want to find something in a instant, aren’t you?

Me: (Feel his comment has no relationship to my comment whatsoever) Err, I guess if I believe that God existed that means that I agree that my Father can do domestic violence to his family and forgive him because he said that he does that to test our faith or he actually loves us. Because that’s what he is doing in the Middle East.

Wow, that was deep. I was actually trying to keep my mouth shut since I hate to debate, but I guess the heat in the sauna has also overcome me. Then, the man with a pissed voice then commented, “I think I’m finished. Good luck in losing your weight”.

Now he is commenting on my weight, well he has a point, I’m fat. So I just reply sincerely “Thanks” and continue on to my sauna. After 15 minutes, I take a shower and change my clothes in the toilet and I went pass the sauna room. Suprisingly, the same man who just chatted with me was in the sauna room again. What an extra mile he has done to show that he was pissed off. Anyway, so I wear my shoes to head home.

Wow, what a day. I’m sorry if my comment offended any person, but really I was just trying spoke out what’s in my mind. Again, this post is not trying to offend any religion especially muslim, I respect anybody’s faith and will not disturb them as long as they don’t disturb me. So, I’m very sorry if I don’t have the same faith as all you religius guys have. Have a nice day with your family, sincerely!


2 responses to “Conversation With a Muslim at The Sauna

  1. No need to apologize so profusely. I understand where you are coming from. The thing that was inappropriate was the way the (DHBM) brought up a touchy subject. I bought my own Infared Sauna just to avoid such situations. I hope that situation doesn’t keep you from sauna use as it is very beneficial to your health.

  2. To be honest if I had a .50 next to me that man wouldn’t have a head anymore. I hate people who pushes their ideals to other people. Even though it is about a God who I also follow.

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