Lewis Black: Red, White, & Screwed

238-1I bought this DVD along with his book “Me of Little Faith” from months ago and just have the time to watch it yesterday. I bought this DVD for $15 in amazon.com and my comment is it’s a worth buy.

Lewis Black is actually a standup comedian who has the persona of a pissed-off person that commented on the world which has gone wrong. He also hosted a TV series called “The Axis of Evil”. Anyway, his persona is a representative of our inner personality who just had enough with the ridiculousness of people.

Lewis Black is very bold in expressing his thought, even more he is very vulgar in using his language. He claimed that he doesn’t have a script whenever he will performed. He will walk there to the stage and yelled out his thought to the people.

His performance often touches religion, government, politics, and other controversial discussion. For people who are rather conservative, Lewis Black might not be a correct choice. However, if you are an open-minded person, you might find his argument to be really intelligent.


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