Desktop Goodies: Natsume Rin Calendar Rainmeter

Hello, today I decided to make a new skin for my Rainmeter. I decided to make a simple calendar since I’m such a forgetful guy and too lazy to highlight my mouse to the bottom right of my screen. It’s a little bit redundant with the Rainlendar thing, but what the hell. Anyway, I tried to combine a red theme from someone’s skin (I forgot his name nor where I downloaded it. Damn, my short term memory) with a character that falls into red category. Therefore, Rin it is, a main heroine from Little Buster, gives you a sense of aggressiveness and a little bit of tomboy (plus her hair is red^^). Anyway, here’s the skin.

3-16-2009-8-28-24-amSkin Name: Rin Calendar

File Size: 202 KB

Color Theme: Red


Extra: Japanese format calendar & English format calendar

Note: You can get the Rainmeter application from my previous post. Don’t forget to extract the folder and move it to the Rainmeter skin directory. Happy Downloading!


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