Best Impromptu Show: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

3-21-2009-7-28-09-amProbably one of the most hilarious shows which combine comedy slapsticks and improvition without any script is the “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. This show was originally aired in the United Kingdom for several seasons, but then it goes to the USA hosted by Drew Carey.

What this show do is that it will have 4 performers that will do a kind of games prompted by the host. I personally only watched the US show and they usually have 3 fixed performers and 1 guest performers. In the US show, the fixed performers usually are Wayne Brady, Collin Mochary, and Ryan Stiles while the guest performers varies between Brad Sherwoods, Greg Proops, or Katie Greenwood (there are  more actually but they seldomly appears such as Stephen Colbert or Robin William).

Now, the show starts with the host introduce the 4 performers and then he will quote “Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? The show where everything is made up and the point doesn’t matter”. Then, he will prompt a game and pick which performers will play the game he choose. What’s interesting about this show is that it has no pre-made script and the performers will perform what came up in their mind. It gets more hilarious when they stumble and don’t know what to do next.

The games varies into many scenarios. I don’t know how many are there, but here’s what I watched and remember so far:

Question Only

Usually played by four performers where they will divide into 2 teams and go head-to-head by uttering question only. The winners will be decided who can stand the longest and everytime a person doesn’t talk in question, he will be replaced by his teammates.

Number of Words

Usually played by four performers. The host will describe a complicated scenario and divide roles to each performers. Then he will determine how many words can each performer talk each time (2,3,4, or 5). The performer than can only talk with the amount of words that the host has prompted to him, no more no less.


A 4 people with 2 teams games. The host will assign a weird prop to each of team and the team has to make up something like an object according to the prop as many as they can do.

Weird Newscaster

4 people game pretending to be a news reporters. The host will divide the roles into anchor, co-anchor, sportcaster, and weatherman. He will also give identity to each of the role and the performers have to act accordingly to their role.


2 or 3 people will be the anchorman will 1 person will be the reporter covering in the field. The reporter will stand in front of the green screen and it will be replaced by a clip (like in the hollywoods effect). Then the anchors will queue questions to the reporter as a hint. At the end, he will have to guess what kind of event he is reporting.

90 Seconds Alphabets

4 people will be queued into a scenario and they will take turns talking with the words beginning in the alphabet and the next person has to say the next word starting in the next of the alphabet until all the alphabets are reached (For example, if one person say “Amy, I want you to leave” the next person has to say the next word begining in the next alphabet which is “B” such as “But I have done wrong?”). Oh yeah, they also have the limit of 90 seconds to complete the cycle.


4 people stand side by side and take turns singing a 4 rhymed song. Usually this the host gives the topic to be sung.

Irish Drinking Song

5 people stand side by side and take turns singing 1 rhyme at the time. The person next to sing has to come up with a rhyme that matches his rhyme (or may not :P).

Greatest Hits

2 people will be the hosts selling CD albums about things you don’t care off and 2 other people will sing according to the song title prompted by the hosts.

3-Headed Broadway

3 people will sing one word at the time and taking turns.



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