Anime Top 5: Badass Heroine

Ha, I can’t believe I’m doing charts or rangking in my blog so forgive me if this post is rather bias for your taste. Anyway, I wanted to do a top 5 of badass female characters in anime. Forget about those spoiled or weak female that needs to be save, this chicks are independent and dangerous in the frontline. Cute girl with big breast trying to save the world or girls not wearing pants that can fly while carrying arms? Not today folks. These girls are as charming in their own way and be careful of what you’re saying to them, haha. So, let the review begins.

top1 1. Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinner 

If you’re talking about badass, this girl is among them all. Born in the assassin family, the Ryougi’s, Shiki Ryougi is the inheritor of the mystic eyes of death perception. With her eyes, she can see the lines of death of every entity, be it a human, immobile object, or energy. She can just destroy those kind of things with a knife.

Shiki Ryougi also a rather possessive towards Kokutou Mikiya, the main hero of this series. A proof of her possessiveness is in the chapter 1 of Kara no Kyoukai series when she said to Kirie Fujou, “I saw him first, he is mine”. However, she never open her feelings toward Kokutou.

The cute thing about her is her tsundere attitude and the way she eats her “Hagen-daz”. So, there you have it an assassin girl which can slice you into pieces but has a soft spots towards ice cream. Nice combination.

top2 2. Saber from Fate/ Stay Night 

Our number two badass girl is Saber, a “slave” which is summonned by Emiya Shiro in the Fate/ Stay Night. Saber was originally the King Arthur in her previous life and she tried to obtain the Holy Grail in order to change the past since she consider herself a failure as a king.

Saber fought side by side with Emiya Shiro and she is an agile fighter. She is also considered the highest rank in summoned slaves. Her weapon is the excalibur which made her a strong fighter. Her loyalty towards Shiro Emiya is strong and she thinks that her master is a reckless person to be sacrificing himself for her.

However, Saber has a cute side which is her lack of common sense. Her date scene with Emiya Shiro is cute and she has an affinity towards lion dolls which is much represent her. I quote her best line towards Shiro Emiya in the last episode “I’ll be your sword and you will be my halberd. Together, we are complete”

top3 3. Clare from Claymore 

Probably the only anime that shows elegant woman with muscle is the Claymore series. It is Clare, a girl who is destined to fight youma, a monstrous being which consumes human lives. You can say that I pick her because she is very alphamale and strong.

She is also the leader of the youma sweeping team. As a woman, Clare can turn into youma but still regain conciousness to exterminate youma. I should explain, in Claymore, Clare is a halbreed youma and a human. She trained a bunch of halfbreed youma which are woman, since woman has a better grip in handling sex urges (when a human turns into youma, they go balistics since their sex urges went through the roof and men are such a loser in controlling their sex urges, haha).

The fearsome of this girl is when she turns into youma, called “The Awakening” she goes insanely strong and could defeat several youmas instantly. She doesn’t have any soft spot and don’t expect her to find a boyfriend. She is way to dangerous.

top4 4. Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo 

Ever wish of killing somebody you think is anoyying or deserve to be punished? Do you feel enough being bullied and want a revenge on that person? You can find Enma Ai to do the revenge for you. She will come to you to offer vengence towards the person you hate.

However, once you choose this road you will go to hell and never come back again. What makes her lethal is she is a kid about 8-9 years old with the ability to send people to hell. She has the mystery aura around her which makes your bone chills.

Forget about special powers or ridiculous beyond human strength, this girl can sent you to hell faster than you can blink.

top5 5. Nanoha Takamichi from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha 

A rather weak selection here. I was stumbled between her or Lina Inverse from Slayers. But I decided to choose Nanoha Takamichi since she have showed a great personality growth towards the seasons of the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series. Maybe the title sounds corny, but the 3rd season has made me shock and aw towards her maturity.

Nanoha Takamichi is one of the A class in the magic user’s (or Majutsushi) community. So strong that her power has to be reduced by sealing some of it using a limiter. She has a rod-like weapon called (Raging Heart) which quite resemble Sakura Kinomoto’s card sealer.

Her weapon has 3 forms and is a formidable weapon when it reaches the 3rd form. “Divine Buster” is her signature move and what makes it uniques that this weapon has to be reloaded with magical bullets just like ordinary arms.

So, for our last character in the top 5, I nominated Nanoha Takamichi as the badass heroine in anime.

There it is my choices for the badass heroine. Any critics and additional suggestions for the rangking are welcome. Maybe I miss something or there are a great anime which represent another cooler heroine that I haven’t watch that you can add up here.


7 responses to “Anime Top 5: Badass Heroine

  1. Great list =D
    I have watched from the first 3, but I have not gotten to the last 2
    … I should get around to that o_o;

  2. Might contribute a bit here..

    Elle Ragu (Shadow Skills) – Hokuto no Ken with tits and ass.
    Masane Amaha (Witchblade) – not as good as the American witchblade but twice the tits and ass, bonus points for red hair and ahoge.
    Hoshino Makina (Shikabane Hime) – a pretty zombie, in sailor school uniform, and has twin machine gun. total badass.
    Reika (Gantz) – tits and ass in latex suit killing bunch of aliens.
    Sailor Moon – Back in the day, she kills monster by throwing her high speed spinning tiara, chopping the monster’s head off. The show goes downhill only because the time traveling arc.

    Now I want to see this Dogs: Bullets And Carnage

  3. Oh yeah, you made a slight mistake on Shiki’s entry – her family’s name is Ryougi. Just thought I’d point that out. And I totally agree on her being badass reincarnated. XDXD

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