Desktop Goodies: Shinku Calendar Rainmeter

Today, I would like to give you two Rainmeter skin which I have worked on yesterday night. Since Saturday night is up ahead, I thought I will give you something refreshing to your desktop (also I have a date later night, so I won’t be able to blog that night). So, I decided to haste things up by giving you an early post of desktop goodies. First up, Shinku Calendar from Rozen Maiden Series. Since I had done Mercury Lampe in previous post, I thought I might do Shinku as well, since she is cute. Her sleeping pose is adorable and very fitting for you who has a lolita moe. I made the theme red to fit her outfit and very fitting for you had download the fire screensaver. So, what are you waiting for, download and get the skin to your desktop.

3-27-2009-11-05-11-pmSkin Name: Shinku Calendar

File Size: 124 KB

Color Theme: Red

Extra: Japanese and English calendar format


Note: A Rainmeter skin can be downloaded in my previous post. Don’t forget to extract the folder and move it to your Rainmeter Skin directory. Happy downloading!


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