JUMP From SMART Telecom: A New Competitor in Internet Service Provider Market?

pt_smart_telecomTo those sceptic people who thinks that Indonesia’s internet can’t grow rapidly, think again. SMART telecom arrives and offers cheap internet capability with a good offer of speed. It is JUMP, their new launched product that offers the customers a cheap internet provider.

I recently got this news from Mohank (or Henry Kho, my classmate) who said that I should try to change my ISP from Speedy Telkom to SMART Telecom. Another friend, Adrian Khrisna, said that he got a decent 1 Mbps from this particular ISP. So, I interested and tried to subscribe it.

It turns out that the deadline of this product is on March 31st 2009 and you have to make an initial contract of 12 months to subscribe. So, in other words you have to agree to contract this ISP for 12 months by paying them all the charges for all the months. That means, I have to pay Rp 189,000 x 12 to get the modem. Plus, the registration is an excrutiating process. I came to one of the galleries in BSD City and the people there are poorly trained. It took for almost 4 hours to complete the registration and they were constantly asking their superior how to get things done.

Well, it’s a normal occurrence since this ISP is considered to be new, so you have to expect some lackluster service in some aspects. So, after 4 hours waiting in agony, I got myself the modem and try it out the speed at SpeedTest. Here’s what I’ve got:


Not bad right? Considering that most ISP offers only 265 Kbps in Indonesia (don’t compare it to Europe or the USA, we are still newborn in internet service providing). The brochure said that the maximum download speed can reach up to 3.1 Mbps, so this 0.81 Mbps means that the connection is shared among users. It’s a decent speed for direct downloading and most of the time I got a speed above 150 KB/s. Watching YouTube is now a swift process, as I don’t have to wait for long time to complete the buffering process.

However, they seems to block ports for peer-to-peer downloading since whenever I use Bittorent, it has a slow speed since the seeds that can be collected are not much (I tried to do Port Forwarding but to no avail). I’m not sure if the problem is with the ISP or it is just me so maybe for those who use this ISP can update me on this issue. Another issue is since this ISP uses shared connection, don’t bother download using file hosting site such as Rapidshare or Megaupload, since you shared the free quota among other users. You have to buy yourself a premium account if you want to use this account. Anyway, this ISP is another solution to those ridiculously expensive ISPs. I’m going to end my subscription with Speedy Telkom, haha.

In the end, the arrival of SMART Telecom is a good thing for internet competition. FirstMedia has brought the competition and made Speedy Telkom reconsider their price. Now, SMART Telecom has arrived and offers a decent competition. This will force other ISPs to lower their price or improve their connection speed to win the competition. I’m very optimistic that the growth of internet service providing will go to a rapid stage the same as mobile phone operators have grown.


9 responses to “JUMP From SMART Telecom: A New Competitor in Internet Service Provider Market?

  1. I bought prepaid smart jump a week ago, I impressed with it’s speed. I got 100 kB and up while DL. But beginning yesterday, the speed dropped. Even my modem displays rx 1000 kbps +, but my DL speed no more than 4 kB. Wanna test my bandwith, I can’t open speedtest.net with this speed.

    • Yeah, sadly that’s what you get from an static ip shared internet provider. Let’s hope Telkom Speedy react fast by dropping their price range so we can enjoy an affordable internet but stable and fast.

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  3. Well, it depends on the number of users connected to that particular provider at that time plus the bandwidth capability for the provider itself to handle the numerous users who logged in to the provider. Basically, connecting to the internet at night performs better performance than connecting at day since most users clog the internet at noon.

  4. all gsm/cdma products in indonesia = shared static ip.
    shared static ip w/o port forwarding = slow torrent speed.

  5. I just subscribed to Smart in Probolinggo and as far as I am concerned it is totally useless. Maximum download speed of about 1K/s so it takes about 20 minutes to load a page. As for video or even graphics forget it…I won’t live that long

  6. You need to put your modem in a optimal position so the connection is more better and you get the max speed in your area
    Further more is smart cutting the speed around 1Mbps so even in the night you will never reach 3.2 Mbps as they advertising.

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