Queens Blade: A Plain Wrong 1st Episode

megami104_queens-blade_largeSpring is up, people. Time for new animes on the list. After a disastrous pranked by Tokyotosho.com (You can see it in my previous post), I returned back to download new anime from their site. One title which captivated me was “Queens Blade”, which I hurrily check the review from animenewsnetwork.com.

Since I found out that this anime is an action genre packed with hot babes with swords and stuff, I was hoping this anime will be an ass-whooping action with bad-ass babes. So, I put the download priority on the top and wait for around 20 minutes to finish downloading.

To my horror, it was far from what I expected. Yes it’s got the action genre in it with clothes pieces rip to shreds as they fight but the story was a weird one. It was like Ikkitousen for the clothes ripped apart as they fight but it fails to put the story together. The plot was a rather fast one and it is a cliche story, a rebel daughter who wants to be free from the family and decided to join a tournament to be a Queens Blade. Oh yeah FYI, this anime has the Yuri element in it.

So, why did I say that this anime is weird? Well, to start off the story, a girl with a veil walks accross the cliff when she encountered a pink hair with bunny ears demon named Merona (Geez, what a lame name). The veiled girl tried to slash her with her sword, but Merona was a demon and she regenerate swiftly. Merona tried to counter-attack and successfully unveil her veil. Turns out that the veiled girl is the main heroine of the anime, Leina.

Merona said, “Eh? You’re not Claudette?” which later on turn out to be Leina’s sister, the Storm General. Do you still don’t think it’s not weird enough? How about I give you that Merona’s special power is her big tits which can spray acid and an addition to that, this acid can melt anything from sword to clothes? (which explain the Ikkitousen-likeness of this series).

Anyway, long story short, Leina was saved by a thief who call herself Bandit of Justice, Risty. So, after Leina was saved by Risty, night falls and they camped outside. Since Leina didn’t brought anything when she travels except her clothes that was melted by Merona, Leina didn’t wear a thing except a thong which she managed to avoid it from contact with the acid boob juice. It’s amazing how Leina survived the night without mosquito bites or cold.

The next day, Risty decided to return Leina to her home since whoever can return her will be rewarded 500 coins. When they arrived at Leina’s home (by the way, Leina’s still naked but now she is straped with rope which is much resemble a bondage hentai anime), Risty demanded her ransom but poor her, she got electrified by the Storm General, Claudette (She wasn’t called Storm General for nothing).

So far the story went Risty being prisoned and then she managed to get out and steal some of Leina’s family treasure. Then, Risty went to Leina’s room to give her an armor set and ask her to leave the place. When Risty tried to escape from the mansion, she encountered Claudette, the Storm General and have a big fight (sadly, no piece of clothes was torned apart this time.

Meanwhile, in Leina’s room, Merona the acid boob squirting babe managed to find Reina’s room and attack her. Merona was furious because Leina called her “Monster” (I told you, she preferred to be called “acid boob squirting pink hair bunny ears babe”). Reina turn on her brain to defeat Merona and this is the climax of weirdness, guys. What did she do? She ran to Merona, hugged her by pushing her breast against Merona’s making her tits can’t squirt acid. The theory is, if you squeeze the breast you squirt the acid right? So closing the tits by pushing it against your breast will make Merona’s tits expand to the sky until they blow up and explode.

Fuuuh, what a hell of a story I tell you. If you think I’m lying or think I’m making this stuff up, just download the first episode of Queens Blade and see it for yourself. Overall, I’m getting a mixed feeling between laughing or getting turned on (mostly laughing). You can tell that Angel Blade got more sensible story than this anime, haha. Here’s some screenshot of the first episode of Queens Blade just to visualize my illustration above.

The Pink Hair With Bunny Ears Acid Boob Squirting, Merona!

The Pink Hair With Bunny Ears Acid Boob Squirting, Merona!

She can squirt acid from he boobs by squeezing it with her hand hair

She can squirt acid from her boobs by squeezing it with her hand hair

And there goes some boobs juice. What a turn on.

And there goes some boobs juice. What a turn on.

Warning! Hugging will result in boobs expansion....

Warning! Hugging will result in boobs expansion....

....soaring to the sky....

....soaring to the sky....

....and KA-BOOM!

....and KA-BOOM!


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