Climate Catasthrophy: A Sad 2009 in Indonesia

Guys, it has been a sad year so far. Not finished with the Dam breakdown tragedy that killed more than 100 people in Situgintung – Tangerang, nature calls for another tragedy again. Yesterday, a national army’s plane, the Fokker 27, crashed in an airport hangar in Bandung. The Plane was carrying 24 people whom which are conducting a military training. People in the military still not sure the reason why the plane had crashed, but it is possible that this is due to a bad weather.

A burial ceremony has been conducted today in the Taman Makam Pahlawan, Kalibata. Judging by these events, I got to say that this year rainy season might be one of the worse seasons that ever happened. Dam breakdown in Situgintung – Tangerang, bridge collapse in Tanah Datar, and now Fokker 27 crash in Bandung has shown you how drastic the climate change is.

And for those people who said that it because we don’t pray hard and God is condoning us for it, please stop. You are making me more disgusted by portraying God as a narcisist who likes to kill innocent lives. It is up to our own hands that we could turn this event around by making wise decisions. The Earth day was a great idea and we should promote that kind of activity.

Save our environment by carrying your own shopping bag. This will reduce the plastic consumption that litters the earth. Take mass transportation to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Don’t think that your action will give a little impact to the world. Think that if all of us doing so, that little impact will grow to huge.

As sad as we are right now, we have to take action to mitigate the situation. Wow, I think I’m turning to be like my friend, Richky, who is an environmentalist and a vegetarian. Kudos for you, bro for having the dedication in doing so.


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