K-ON: Band Anime With Lots of Moe Factor

k-on-mangaAnother anime that I’ve watched the first episode and got the story plot so far is K-ON. K-ON is your typical school comedy theme anime that discuss the story of four girls who are trying to keep the “Light Music Club” alive. At first, I was thinking of these girls to be talentless and just happened to bumped together in one situation. You know, the type of Manabi Straight anime that eventually the girls decided to run for a change in their school life.

Well, I was half right. They were bumped together in one situation and trying to run the light music club alive. However, only one person is talentless, Yui, the main character of this anime.

The story goes in one day, Yui Hirasawa is a girl who just enter to her first year of High School. As a main character of this anime, Yui is considered to be a useless bad tempo clumsy girl, as characterized by Ritsu Tainaka, her fellow in the light music club.

Anyway, Yui is excited to be in her freshmen year of high school and she had to pick a club to join with. Since she hasn’t have any experience joining a club, she was having a hard time deciding her club. Nodoka, her classmate, calls her a NEET since she never join a club in any of her previous school.

In other scene, we are introduced to Mio Akiyama and Ritsu Tainaka, another main characters of K-ON. Ritsu force Mio to join the light music club. However, Mio was intending to join the literature club. Feeling, the club is super boring, Ritsu tore Mio’s club participation letter and drag her to the Music Room. Surprisingly, there was nobody in the club and the teacher said that the club is nearly being abolished since there was no member in it. If they want to join the club, they have to have at least four members to join.

This brings Ritsu a good idea, if she revamp the club that means she will be the president of the club. Feeling that there is nothing she can do, Mio is dragged to be the member of the club. So, there they were, waiting for somebody to come up to join the light music club. Until evening, nobody showed up. Mio decided to go home until a girl, named Tsumugi Kotobuki falsely thought that she was going to join a choir club. She decided to join the light music club, anyway, since she thought the club is a lot of fun.

So, that leaves one spot left to validate the club existency. They have a month to gain a new member and decided to put a poster, looking for a guitarist in their club. The scene change to Yui again, who are still haven’t decided what club to join yet. She was desperate not to be called a NEET for not joining a club in her high school club until she found the light music club poster. Yui initially thought light music club to be a club that plays simple instrument such as castanet. So, she decided to join the light music club.

In the music room, the light music club members were very excited to get their final members of the band. They thought that Yui Hirasawa is a cool name and has a guitarist vibe into it. In the interview, Yui felt guilty that she actually doesn’t have any talent in playing intruments. However, she couldn’t say it since the members were desperately trying to keep her in the club by giving her treats.

Eventually, Yui told the members she can’t play instruments. She lied about her Harmonica playing ability but was completely busted when Ritsu pulled out her harmonica and asked Yui to play it. So, Yui cried and apologized that she can’t join the club because of her inability to play the instrument.

However, Mio insisted Yui to hear their song first which immediately agreed by Yui. After Yui heard their song, Yui thought them to be a not so great band ^^;. Ritsu asked whether Yui can stay in the club and learn to play the guitar along with it. In the end, Yui agreed to join the band and now the light music club is re-awaken with four members which are:

4-9-2009-9-08-44-pm 4-9-2009-9-09-05-pm
4-9-2009-9-09-47-pm 4-9-2009-9-10-06-pm

So, there you go, a school comedy theme anime which revolves around a band club. I think this anime has a lot of potential to be a hilarious anime giving the first episode to be lots of moe factors. Yui Hirasawa will be the center of hilarious slapstick joke and I can’t wait Tsumugi’s innocent comment along the way. As always, Mio will be the straight man who will be pissed off by other characters’ behavior especially Ritsu. So, grab K-ON for a good comedy anime as your worth-watched anime for this season.



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