March-May Spring 2009 Anime List

spring-2009-v4Yoo, for this post I have found the list of upcoming anime that will be aired this spring 2009. There are already a dozens of anime that I’ve downloaded and most of them are above average in both of graphic and story. From this list I can conclude that this season’s anime will be filled by a lot of action adventure theme. Unlike in the previous fall season which filled a lot of romance and harem theme anime, this season will be full of action pack anime, well… most of them.

Four major potential interesting anime that I predict will be worth-watched are Shangri-La, Tears to Tiara, Asura Cryin’, and Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~. I vote for Shangri-La since it has a quite interesting theme which you can read in my previous post. Also, the illustrator for this anime is Range Murata, so you can count on the graphic quality for this anime. However the down side for this anime is that it is managed by GONZO, which notoriously known for its suck ending (Good in the front, sloppy in the end).

Asura Cryin’ is a kind of Mecha anime with unique style. I usually don’t like Mecha anime type such as Gundam or Code Geass but for Asura Cryin’, these Mechas are summonned by their master to fight for them. So, think of it as a Persona ~Trinity Soul~ type anime but much better.

Tears to Tiara is a kind of Druaga or Tales of The Abyss kind of anime, or simply an action adventure anime. If you like this kind anime, then this anime is for you. I have watched the first episode anime but the story is still hazy, so I might do a review of this anime once I got the plot. For now, Tears of Tiara is a kind of European legend anime (I recall there was a character named Arthur and his Gael army).

As for Phantom ~The Requiem for The Phantom~ is an anime which portray an assassin and a mysterious girl. Kind of like Tokko if you ask me. So, I have pinned down some of the anime that I have watched and downloaded which I dim to be a worth-watch anime. Those anime for this March are:

  • Tears to Tiara
  • Valkria Chronicles
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Shangri-La
  • Natsu no Arashi
  • Asura Cryin’
  • Hayate no Gotoku Second Season
  • K-ON
  • Sengoku Basara
  • Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

As for the remaining anime, here’s what I think has what it takes to be a worth-watched anime:

  • Eden of the East
  • Hatsukoi Gentei
  • 07-Ghost
  • DOGS/ Bullet & Carnage
  • Spice & Wolf: Amber Melancholy

So, have a happy spring season guys and download those anime like there is no tomorrow. Peace out.


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