Natsu no Arashi: Time Travelling Has to Wear Uniform?

natsu_no_arashi_manga11So far, only three anime have a clear plot in the first episode. The first was Queens Blade which was a very weird 1st episode. The second was Shangri-la and the last one is this anime, Natsu no Arashi.

Natsu no Arashi is a comedy theme anime that is creataed by the hilarious anime series, School Rumble. I was having a great expectation of this anime since the School Rumble series was a blast, leaving an awesome three season anime broadcasting throughout the year. So, I decided to download this anime and hurrily watched it.

Turns out, it isn’t what I expected to be. Graphic basis, I think this anime is an OK anime, I found a resemblence to School Rumble art. However, on the plot basis, this anime has a weird story and most of the slapstick jokes were not funny. I was just sitting there, watching the anime silently eventhough the jokes are very oftenly launch on my face.

As I watch the half of the show and trying to resist my temptation to shut off the video, the next half become a weird one. Turned out, Arashi, the main heroine of the anime has a  magic ability. She can travel through time and the weird is while she was doing so, she has to change her outfit to a school uniform. Okay, so maybe it’s a coincidence since her initial dress is that uniform that she is wearing.

However, I was wrong people. The other female cast, Kaya, also has a time travelling ability and she too has to change her outfit to a school uniform. She also can go through wall and it turns out that the ability that they have is called “Ethereal Energy”.

So, that’s the whole show for the 1st episode and the only joke that I found a bit funny is the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei parody. However, I’m keeping my hope up for this anime and I hope there are some unsuspected turn of events. Come on, SHAFT, impress me.


A Sailormoonish style of time travelling


Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Parody of Kaya


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