Desktop Goodies: Aegis 2 Rainmeter

So, after I design an Aegis rainmeter skin for my friend, Richky Lie, he thought that he wanted Aegis with the uniform version (You ungrateful bastard :D). Anyway, I pull off some strings to search for the Aegis picture which Richky meant. After a couple of minutes searching, I found the picture that might be perfect for the second Aegis Rainmeter skin in the scans gallery of So, I fired up my Photoshop CS3 and do some retouching of the picture, resize it, and adjust the script. 11:12 PM, I’ve finished the skin and here you go Richky, your Aegis in uniform rainmeter skin. I hope you like it as much as I do.

4-10-2009-10-17-30-pm1Skin Name: Aegis 2

File Size: 98 KB

Color Theme: Yellow


Note: You can find a Rainmeter application in my previous post. Don’t forget to extract and move the folder to your Rainmeter skin directory.


4 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Aegis 2 Rainmeter

  1. Perfect, just what I expect from you Souza ^_^

    Sorry for being “ungrateful” :) and thank you very much. Don’t worry, I really like this one.

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