Eden of The East: The King Has Come With Justice Till The End

4-11-2009-8-53-38-amI just finished watching Eden of The East this morning at 9:00 AM and I got to say, a spectacular anime, two thumbs up, and a complete combination of comedy, politic, and boy meet girl anime.

Even the opening of the anime is very interesting. Sung by Oasis, this anime opening song’s is entitled Falling Down. You also could see that from the opening scene, the graphic quality of this anime is a top-notch.

I got to say that this anime is beyond my previous expectation. I was recommended to download this anime by Fauzan a.k.a Scrooge McDuck and one day he gave me the trailer for this anime. I was like, “Okay, it’s a decent anime. It got political theme to it and it is set in America”. So, I put this anime on the list of my download list. I was thinking that this anime will bring heavy atmosphere to its theme.

Well, I was wrong guys (as always :D). The first episode of this anime has a very special combination to it. We are prompted that it will be a political theme but it is also smartly packed with comedy.

So, the first episode went off by introducing to the main female character, Morimi Saki, who is in a college graduation holiday by going to New York. Feeling that she needs to get to the center of the world, she went to Washington D.C and went to the White House to throw coins to the fountain. First of all, I thought the American people voice in this anime will be filled by Japanese voice actors speaking English or they will just speak Japanese pretending it is English. However, the voice were very much American accent and it is a fluent one. So, props for the seriousness of this anime to get the atmosphere right. It is a good sign.

Anyway, when she threw the coin, the police who are guarding the White House approach her, asking what she was throwing. That’s where she met Takizawa Akira (not a real name), who came butt-naked and holding a gun. Anyway, the story went off with Morimi Saki involved with a terrorist claiming his name is Takizawa Akira. I don’t want to spoil the fun of watching the anime, so you guys have to watch it yourself okay?

Also, about moe factor? Relax, the characters especially Morimi Saki is pretty much moe. I get the feeling of Honey & Clover’s character, Hagu, when I saw her. Plus, Takizawa Akira is pretty much resemble Morita (Is this an intended coincidence?). An amount of decent comedy also presented in the first episode, so I guess it’s a never boring story. The main male character is cool and the main female character is loveable, so it’s a perfect character combination with perfect story plot.

In the end of the first episode, when both of them are in the airport getting home to Japan, they witnessed that Japan has been attacked by missille. So, I guess for the rest of the episode, the story will migrate to Japan which I think is in a chaos situation. I’m imagining Japan has become an opressed country and Takizawa Akira is the key character that will change the face of Japan. It’s gonna be a great story guys with one unfortunate, however, there are only 11 episodes so it’s gonna be a short one.

However, my hope stays up and wishing this anime will be a blast. Great job for the maker of this anime who make this happen. The king has come with justice till the end!



5 responses to “Eden of The East: The King Has Come With Justice Till The End

  1. They also schedule a movie right after the 11 episodes, probably (or hopefully) as the conclusion finale.

    Regarding the first episode itself, my only beef is that it utilize spoken-out-loud monologues too many to my liking. It is especially jarring since the show itself has such a sober atmosphere.

    But other than that, it definitely has much potential.

  2. Even in Brazil this is seen anime ^^
    So far this anime is little seen, little spoken too. This anime has a different plot, real and engaging.
    So I liked it.

    (Sorry for my English, I do not speak very well …>.<)

  3. I like this anime! I think it is a bit too short though. Hopefully with the movie everything will conclude nicely. I like how all the characters are portrayed.

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