Pemilu 2009: The Election System That Is Prone To Be Manipulated

poster_denah_pemilu_2009It has been two days since the first wave of election day in Indonesia and overall, only 1% or about 700,000 votes have been received by the central comittee of national election. It’s pretty much sad since Indonesia has the population of more than 200 million people. One could say that the national election comittee is working very slow.

Another problem about the national election is the election system itself. I understand that the government wants the election system to be as democratic as it can be by giving us the people the choice to elect our own representative. However, it seems the majority of people don’t understand or don’t have any clue who their candidate representatives are. I could be bias here, since I don’t do any survey whatsoever, but that is what happen in my neighbourhood and my friends’. Most of the voters probably get their representative information from the poster on the street or when they went to the election booth. Even that alone didn’t give enough information about the representative such as what is his vision, work proposal, or education degree. Most of the poster focuses on the representative party and what number they are in the election vote paper.

So, now you tell me how would you get to know your candidate representatives? Another problem that is worth to be considered is how the citizen of Indonesia is listed as voters. The smallest coordinator in region which is the district or you can call it RT is responsible in collecting the citizen’s information to be listed as voters. Then, after they have collected and reported the information to the central comittee of national election, they will start handing out official invitation letters to your home telling that you are registered as a voter for the election.

The problem with this system? What about if the RT miss registered the citizens and how can the central know that the information that the RT has given is elligible? The RT never asked for our personal identification card, they can just manipulate the name by inserting bogus information to the list. Another point worth mention, we only have to show our invitation letter to vote. The local comittee never checks for our personal identification card. It is such a horrendous system, you can be substituted with another person to vote (let’s not forget the possibility that the invitation letter could be lost, stolen, or the RT decided not to send it to do conspirative manipulation).

Another loophole of this system, the inking system. If you have already voted for your representative, your finger will have to be inked as a proof that you have elected and prevent you from electing again. The problem is, ink is easily removed by a substance you called alcohol or thinner. Just smear a small amount and you are ready to elect again (Just stole or bribe somebody invitation letter and you are set).

Lastly, about the people who didn’t received the invitation letter. The RT can create an invitation letter and decided not to send it. In the election day, he can slip it to the election booth and make the voting paper marked to his advantage. So, Mr. Governor, have you thought about this possibility? Even the Bawaslu (The official observer of national election) is now busy handling over 237 cases of election misconduct and they have no answer to counter it whatsoever.

There has to be a fool-proof system for this national election so we can reduce the cheat attempts, so we can get a fair election. One answer to this catastrophic system is leave the paper system. It’s time for computerized system. You can still use papers as your medium of voting but computerized the registration system so there can be no cheat. The voters just have to give their personal identification number along with their fingerprint so they can elect. Mr. Governor, as long as you don’t improve the system, Pemilu 2009 will be a wasteful attempt and the votes might not be a representation of our voice. Give it a thought will ya’?


3 responses to “Pemilu 2009: The Election System That Is Prone To Be Manipulated

  1. yop bner bgt…
    nama gw jg g trdaftar buat nyontreng…
    pemilu 2009 trlalu bnyk mslh…
    bnyk yg trpaksa golput…
    mo milih jg gtau mn yg dpilih…

  2. if we want to make pemilu to be computerized don’t forget the security must be high too so the system won’t be easily hacked. And then it will be much better if we can combine the electronic identifier system with the pemilu computerized system so there won’t be fake identities.. Computer system will mostly solve all the problems but it takes time and money. People will have to adapt to the new system and it will take quite a long time and dedication. Well, let’s just hope for the better Indonesia ;).

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