Barack Obama Bowing To King Saudi, Stephen Colbert Brilliant Rebuttal

4-12-2009-1-07-12-pmOn the past April 9th 2009, The Colbert Report, a comedy show hosted by Stephen T. Colbert featured a segment called “The Threat Down”. This segment shows a list of top 5 threat down that can endanger American lives, of course it’s a satire and an exaggeration presentation.

In one of those threat down list, Stephen Colbert pointed out President of the United States, Barack Obama, as the number one threat to America. And what is his threat? Turned out that Barack Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia drove quite attention to the media. The issue here is that he bowed to the King Saudi, Abdullah, which is a course of action that none of the previous United States’ Presidents have ever done. Of course, the media right wing such as Fox news immediately baggered this issue, with immediately putting this issue in their several shows such as the O’Reilly Factor.

So, what is Stephen Colbert reaction to this? He said and I quote his word “Exactly! The President can’t debase himself and our country by bowing before the Saudi King”. Then Stephen Colbert showed a couple of images depicting Bush and the King Saudi by saying “You hold his hand, kiss him on the cheek, and reorient our entire form policy of the last 20 years around securing his oil deposits”.

I got to say, that is a hard slap on the face for fox news. Hands down to you Mr. Colbert for giving a spectacular rebuttal to show those right winged media a dose of their own poison. And for my opinion, I think President Barack Obama still holds the value he learned in Indonesia, always bow over when you shake hands with your elderly. A nice attitude which Indonesian has a pride of.



2 responses to “Barack Obama Bowing To King Saudi, Stephen Colbert Brilliant Rebuttal

  1. I can’t help but disagree with you on this. President Obama, is a Leader of a country, and coincidently, the most powerful man in the World. You treat your elder with respect, but in his position of power, you do NOT bow before other leaders.

    There’s reasons why the U.S. Military has no confidence in Obama. Both in his leadership abilities, and his views.

    • Well, for me as a foreigner, a leader of the biggest nation that knows how to behave deserves a respect. This just show you how humble he is and how not arrogant he can become.

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