Blade-Wielding Girl Anime Wallpaper Pack

I always think that girls who are carrying weapon are always cool. In accompany of being cute, they look tough and strong. Since I have already posted my nomination of top 5 badass female characters in anime, I think this time I’m going to post a wallpaper pack containing anime girls wielding blade ferociously (well, some of them are cutely). I hope you enjoy the wallpaper as much as I do. Cheerio!

Zipped file download:



11 responses to “Blade-Wielding Girl Anime Wallpaper Pack

  1. I made the Ikkitousen wallpaper of Chou’un Shiryuu.
    I’d appreciate it if you took it off your blog, seems you did not ask my permission to upload it here. You could have tumbnail linked it to
    Show some respect for the people who went to the trouble of making these. I can only assume you have taken the rest from animepaper without asking too?

    • Removed. It’s not that I didn’t respect the owner. I’m promoting their artwork since not all people can access and download their artwork. The thing is that doesn’t say that the wallpapers of the member are closed-source, so I assume showing it to the public is acceptable. However, I’m still maintaining web ethics and I didn’t removed the credit from the wallpaper. Sorry if it offends you.

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