Democracy Euphoria: The Mind State of Our Candidate of Representatives

bankrupt-1Well nation (and by nation I mean the Indonesian), we could say that this year’s election is the most democratic system since we can elect our own representative by their name not only by their party which they represent.

However, the question ought to be “Will they be able to focus enough to carry our voice?”. What I mean is in the past week before the election day, many candidate of representatives have spend million or even billion rupiahs in campaigning themselves to be elected in the election day.

Several news that I read highlighted that there have been a dozen of cases where the candidate of representatives went mentally disorder because of him losing the vote count in the ballot. Another case also depicted a candidate of representative that has spent his money in fixing the bridge in his village hoping to be elected to be the legislative in his area went ballistic by burning down the bridge after he lost severely in the voting count. The last case that I’ve read also told that there are several candidate of representatives who wanted their gift back after they gave it to the mosque.

This phenomenon of people losing their mind over political battle for seats in the senate has left me wondering “What will happen to the people who won the election?”. I’m pretty much sure that they too have spent a heck of their savings and perhaps in huge debt from the campaign week. Will they have the energy to deny temptation in making politic as their field of income? I mean, I’m pretty sure that they are broke now and the posibility of them in accepting bribe from giant biggoted company that is only profit-oriented is high. Will it born legislatives who only thinks of when will they get their money back and make huge profit out of it?

I got to say that this phenomenon is very sad to watch. As I recalled in one of the civic lectures lectured by former supreme court member, Jimly Ashidique, he said that it is normal for a newly borned democratic country to experience democracy euphoria. It’s the phenomenon where people are antusiast in voicing their opinion out by creating political parties. They are blinded by the fact that establishing a political party needs high cost of expenditures and eluded by how much they will get once they are elected (Or in other words, counting the chicken before they are hatched).

He also quote that in the progress of merging the voice of people, the opinion of public will merge into a big group of party and thus, lead to the little party being dead or merge with other big party just like what the United States of America political journey has become. First, the USA has a lot of political parties until a several hundred years later the voice of the nation grouped into two big voice, the Democrat and the Republican.

In the end, as a nation we have to observe our selected legislative to ensure that he is protecting our voice and not selling to those profit-oriented company which has no interest in enhancing the welfare of the community. Make your move now, it’s your call.

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2 responses to “Democracy Euphoria: The Mind State of Our Candidate of Representatives

  1. There’s also a news that I saw yesterday in the TV, that a representative died in shock, when He found out that from 250.000 people in his area, only 12 picked him. And he has invested more than 50 Million rupiah.

    This is really turning into a “gambling” democracy.

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