Winamp Skin of The Day: Hatsune Miku From Vocaloid


Hey guys, I just downloaded a quite cool and cute winamp skin for you, winampster. It’s Hatsune Miku, the idol of the open source software Vocaloid. This skin is quite cool because of several factors. It is an animated skin which you can see the melody picture will jiggle back and forth. In addition to that, Miku’s mouth will adjust to the beat of the song (Well, I was hoping that they can adjust to the vocal, but what the hell, it’s still interesting to watch). So, enjoy this Hatsune Miku winamp skin with a light green theme to it. Happy Downloading!

4-16-2009-4-41-41-pmSkin Name: Hatsune Miku

File Size: 857 KB

Color Theme: Light Green


Special Thanks: katsukage for uploading this skin to (Rate him well, people).

Note: You have to install winamp version 3 or above to get this skin working. You can download winamp at To install the skin, just double click on the file and you are set.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Metakaiser says:

    Wow! Awesome skin! I love it xD
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. woi woi woi says:

    good work

  3. Jkayk says:

    every time i use this skin and i drag the girl part of the player…my computer shuts down automatically..any idea why that happens?

  4. Virus?

  5. do you have kagamine len’s winamp skin?? i’ve been looking everywhere..

  6. nope, sorry.

  7. MissTreason says:

    I can’t get it to work. Um…. could someone possibly tell me how you can change your skin to this?

    1. Are you using winamp version 3 or above?

  8. Sammy says:

    OMG, this is so cute, thank you for sharing! ^_^

  9. Liesianthes says:

    i love it… nice one and thank u very much

  10. puchi says:


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