NASA Named Their Treadmill After Stephen Colbert

4-17-2009-6-55-38-pmIn April 14th 2009, the brilliant satirist, Stephen Colbert, strikes again with his new achievement. In one of his segment in The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert launched a command to his viewers to vote for his name in the name-choosing for NASA’s space node 3.

That segment has its impact and it’s a good one. In the NASA online page, the name “Colbert” is on the first ranked with over than 230,000 voted leaving “Serenity” for 190,000 votes and “Fart Monkey” for 7 votes behind.

This shows you how influential Stephen Colbert is. After he successfully gained an airplane and a spider named after him, NASA also award him attachment of his name in one of the NASA’s hardware.

In the end of The Colbert Report, he interviewed one of the NASA’s astronauts, Sunita William. He asked Sunita for the confirmation of NASA’s naming their space node after his name which answered by Sunita with “We will actually named Space Node 3 after Tranquility”. This is of course led to the audiences booing her.

However, Sunita William further explained that NASA will name COLBERT to another hardware. It is the space treadmill which will be installed in the Space Node 3. This treadmill, explained by Sunita William, will be named COLBERT which is an abbreviation of Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill. So, evertime an astronaut wants to go to the Space Node 3, the word that will be passed on is “It’s time to hop on COLBERT”, which is later led to a big smile on Stephen Colbert’s face.

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