Hackers: A Parasitical Entity That Deserved To Be Annihilated

smurfsljkhGuys, just now I read the news and I was shocked to hear the national election commitee’s website was underattack by a number of Indonesian hackers again. They disrupted the website functionality by trying to manipulate the count number of votes. They either bloated or nullified the vote count for a certain party.

What made me shock is not the fact that the website is underattacked. FYI, in the 2004th general election, the national election commitee website has repeatedly being hacked. One of the several attacks is the altercation of party’s logo picture.

What made me shock is the betrayal of Indonesian hackers community who initially said that they will give full support in Indonesia’s general election. What were they thinking or trying to say in hacking the website of their own country? Trying to make the country better? Well, I’m sure that they are not doing so because our country will have to spend additional budget to fix the website, instead of improving the infrastructure of the system.

And what’s the point in manipulating the vote counts? Do you realize that’s the same crime as manipulating vote count in the actual election booth. Really, guys? You made me all sick with your freedom of information campaign.

I have all my life have a personal beef with hackers. Be it a white hacker or black hacker, they’re just thieves who barged in our private website or computer without our consent. Nevermind the courtesy of respecting one’s privacy, most of them hack big company’s website to show their prestige which I think is a waste of time.

Some of my friends said that hackers are cool because they can reveal government conspiracy plan or the knight of watching the perservation of information freedom, but let’s face the fact here that most of hacking are either disrupting the system functionality or shutting down the system entirely. The advent of hackers have brought us to have spent some cash on anti-virus product and security system which I personally think that this cash can go to something more efficient such as research & enhancement.

So, hackers…. Tell me what contribution you have done to our net beside wreak havocing system and pissing people off?



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