Epic Stupidity: Roy Suryo Claims IT Implementation on General Election Inferior to Manual Counting

roysuryoI actually was reluctant in sending this post since arguing about this guy is the same as wasting my time. However, when I read this news again I was disgusted by him and his commentary about Information Technology aspect is quite repulsive.

If you guys don’t know this person on the left, let me introduce you to Roy Suryo, a guy who claim himself an expert in Telematics and Multimedia. The funny thing is that eventhough he claim himself to be an expert in IT, he doesn’t have a degree in IT aspect. All I know that his bachelor degree is in Politics and his master degree is in Art.

Also, he is quite a notorious person in the internet community and IT community in our country. He is suspected of doing plagiarism by claiming he invented the “Indonesia Raya Stanza 3” song which is a ridiculous claim since before his acknowledgement that song was initially broadcast in one of the TV station in Surabaya.

Anyway, this notorious person now claims that the general election comittee is ineffective in implementing IT to do the job by using an Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) as the tools to scan the voting paper automatically. He said and I quote “It’s a shame that last years general election counting method is better than this year automated one” which leads him to an epic facepalm of shame in the IT community.

So, Mr. Roy Suryo, you claim that automated counting is slow and worse than doing manual counting, huh? Well, let me tell you something Mr. Expert. How do you define better? As a starter, last year election is way different from this years election. In the vote count sector, 2004 general election has around 117 million voters while 2009 general election has around 171 million votes which is a 46% increase of the total of voters. My question is Mr. Expert, still want to do manual counting? Didn’t you here in the news that eventhough we use automated counting, the team is falling down in fatigue because of the amount of voters? In additional, a member suffered a heartstroke because of the fatigue in counting the votes. Imagine what will happen if we use manual counting to do the job.

Second, 2004 general election’s vote paper form is way different than 2009 general election’s vote paper. If last year we only choose the party and let the particular party choose its representatives to be the legislative members, now we choose our own representative to be the legislative members. Imagine the complexity of counting one representative’s vote by manual count. Are you sure you want to do this, Mr. Expert?

Third, you have no proof that manual counting is better than automated counting. You don’t know how many percent of error in manual counting and the count manipulation possibillity that the manual count offers. Manual counting will bring a far more chance in cheating the vote count in compare to the automated vote count which in contrast has a better restriction in the data entry and providing a far more accuracy in the vote count.

Lastly, Roy Suryo claims that to mitigate this issue he propose a solution by enhancing the contrast of the picture to improve the scanning process. My reaction was a cynical smirk in my face. This solution is an epic stupidity from a guy who claims himself a Telematics and Multimedia experts. By enhancing the contrast, you will merge the color in the picture which will rise the difficulty of a scanner in reading the watermark. Even I who doesn’t claim myself to be an expert and had only study Multimedia for 6 months know this fundamental knowledge. Are you really an expert Mr. Roy Suryo?

So in conclusion, I’m very much in doubt in this person ability in Information Technology. However, I must admit that this person gives a hilarious entertainment in the news. So as a parting gift, thank you for your hilarious rant about Information Technology, Mr. self-proclaimed Telematics and Multimedia expert.

News Source: http://pemilu.detiknews.com/read/2009/04/19/183530/1117791/700/roy-suryo-masak-ti-kalah-dengan-manual


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