The Crude Ineffectivity of National Final Study Examination

exampa_468x336It’s Day 2 since the national final exam started and the media shows indication that the test set has been breached. One news that I saw in one of the private TV stations broadcasted that some students blatantly cheat in the final exam.

They showed footage of students in a school cheating by opening a small paper containing the answers to the questions. Some of the school also was reported changing the students’ answer sheet to get a better score by assigning a team of teachers as their brain trust. Not finish with that, the school principle also acknowledge this outlaw activity to be a civil disobedience (claiming that the test was far too hard).

This brings to the question “Has our school system deteriorated to the level of collusion practice?”. This disrespectful act made me wonder how degenerated our teachers morale have become in teaching their students. Our teachers should be our role model or perhaps our mentor in shaping up our intelligence and integrity. But instead, they are teaching us to cheat in the exam, so they can safeguard their school from the horrendous fail rate.

This behavior is actually a chain reaction of a horrendous test system established by the government. Imagine how vulnerable the system is by assigning a private institution to produce the test papers which can be breached easily and distributed to the local community commercially. I also got information there are private education institution that sells the answers to the test for a price of 4-7 million rupiahs.

Then, there is the graduate score threshold. Public and private school are set a target that a student can graduate if his overall score is not less than 5.5. Plus, the amount of students that fails to achieve graduate score determines the legitimacy of the particular school. This made the teachers and the principle underpressured of not letting their reputation tarnished because of the fail rate. The inequality standard of schooling also become a factor because some schools don’t get the benefits of books and facility from the government (some teachers are heavily underpaid). As the impact, teachers decided to do everything they can to uplift the school reputation.

Next, came the private education institution. We all know the ritual of paying private education institution to help us study to go through to the national final exam. Imagine the reputation that they must perceive to guarantee their students to graduate from their school with a high score. They might as well breached the test set and give or sell the answers to students.

So, with all that ineffectivity of a system, I must say that national final study examination is a waste of time. It fails to determine students’ ability in mastering his study in his school period. If we think about it, national final study examination is a kind of redundant, doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter how high your grade is in your national final study examination is, you still have to take the entrance test when you want to apply for a higher level of education. This leaves me wondering what in God’s name the national final study examination can brought us to?


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