Megawati’s Teuku Umar Group Plans to Boycott The General Election

INDONESIA-VOTE-MEGA-SIGNSo, today during the lecture there is an interesting discussion between Richky and I. The discussion we are talking about is the current issue of Megawati assembling a team called the Teuku Umar group which intended to boycott the upcoming general election for presidential voting. The reason they are arguing is the fact that the general election hasn’t been a trust-worthy system. They are disappointed with the comittee’s and government’s method in handling the general election.

Richky was practically pissed off by this insolent behavior as an attempt to make worse situation in Indonesia. His argument was that by boycotting the general election, our presidential seat will be temporary vacuum for several months. This is a horrendous situation as no leader in a country means that no control in economy and politic situation. In addition to that, handling another general election will spend more cash on the government’s budget that can be reallocated to some other important sector. This declaration, argue Richky, is a childish behavior that didn’t attempt to foresee the catasthrophic impact to Indonesia.

I practically agree with him. This declaration is one of the jaw-dropping stupidity that Megawati has attempt in mitigating situation. I mean, what is she thinking? Boycotting the general election? Why not mitigate the situation by crossing out the votes that is not legal? Or perhaps don’t count the votes that are bloated? Is it so hard to do that so you must boycott the general election and make things worse? I question your wise judgement there, Mrs. Megawati.

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