How I Met Your Mother Best Scene: Barney Stinson’s Awesome CV Resume

stinsonGuys, if you don’t who the guy in the left is than you are missing a great comedy situation drama, How I Met Your Mother. Played by Neil Patrick Harris, Barney Stinson is a brilliant character who thinks that single life is awesome.

He is also one of the characters in a TV show that has various catch-phrases such as “Suit Up!” to indicate the opposing person to put on a suit. Barney deems that suits are cool and a kind of uniform to stand out from the other “T-Shirt” and “Jeans” pack. He also adjust his catch-phrase according to the suit he is currently wearing such as “Flight Suit Up!”, “Snow Suit Up!”, or “Penguin Suited Up!”.

Another catch-phrase that he oftenly use is the word “Legendary”. Whenerver Barney thinks of doing something that he deems awesome, he will say “It’s gonna be Legendary” with high enthusiasm. Also, he will periodically modify the catch-phrase with another words in between. “Legen… wait for it… Dary!” and “Legen… I hope you are not Lactose-intolerent because the words that comes next is… Dary!” are few of his catch-phrases modification.

The last catch-phrase that he likes to use often is, high-five. Barney likes to high-five with his friends whenerver he utters something hilariously brilliant (or so he thought). Just like the other catch-phrases he likes to modify it to his liking such as “Relapse High Five”, “Freeze Frame High Five”, or “Hypothetical High Five”.

Barney Stinson is an exciting character in this series and he is at his best in picking up hot chicks with his creative pickup lines. He proclaims himself to be Ted Mosby’s best wingman and often help Ted in scoring woman by playing a game he called “Have you met Ted?”, as a method to have conversation with a stranger.

Anyway, in the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother’s 14th episode, there is a scene where Robin Serbatsky lost her job and become unemployed for several months. She then received a mail from the Immigration department that if in 3 months she doesn’t get a job, she will be sent back to Canada. So, after her failing attempt in finding a job from auditioning for a reporter until being a Bingo call-girl, she turned to Barney to help her in making a CV resume.

Barney showed to his friend his video CV resume which he claimed after he sent that to several companies, he got 11 job offers. His video CV resume goes like this:

So, there you go, a hilarious character which I find is one of the foundations that makes How I Met Your Mother a great comedy series. If you haven’t watch it, then grab it now, it’s a worth-watched TV series.


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