Brace Yourself for Dead Fantasy III, IV, & V Will Come Up Around May 2009

6c28c4eaHey guys, maybe it’s a bit late for me to announce this but Dead Fantasy III, IV, & V will come up soon fastest on May 20th 2009. This is a great news since I’m a fan of monty oum’s work since he created Haloid. My mind has just blown away the minute he created Dead Fantasy, a full action pack of Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive chicks’ fighting (Well, not purely from that game, there’s also from Kingdom Heart and Ninja Gaiden).

I tell you guys, if you haven’t watched Dead Fantasy yet, grab the first episode and the second episode in his gametrailers website. I’ll promise you that you won’t regret it once you watch that awesome animation.

Anyway, monty oum announced that he will launch the continuation of Dead Fantasy series around May 2009. The fastest date if he doesn’t get distracted by the work in his current company, Namco, is May 20th 2009. I’ve been anticipating the continuation since after Dead Fantasy II, all the fighters got separated by Rinoa’s teleport gate leaving them to fight one by one. It’s gonna be an awesome fight, since they will unleash all their skills and magic. Moreover, we can focus on one character at a time, adding up the excitement in watching the video.

A trailer of Dead Fantasy IV also has been uploaded in YouTube, so you might want to check it out:

Anyway, props to monty oum for his dedication in making this video happened and keep up the good work, Sir. You, my friend, deserved a grand standing ovation for both your professional work and the time you spent making Dead Fantasy.


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