Pemilu 2009: Jusuf Kalla – Wiranto for the Next President of Indonesia

2145Okay, so the second period of national election is coming up on the next October 2009 and there are three candidates for the next leader of Indonesia. Those names are:

– Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono & Boediono
– Jusuf Kalla & Wiranto
– Megawati & Prabowo Subiyanto

Okay, among these names, I’ve got to say I’m in heavy favor for Jusuf Kalla to be our next president. First of all, in political party stability, Jusuf Kalla – Wiranto (JK – Win) has the most stable political party condition in compare to the other two.  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – Boediono (SBY – Berbudi) went through a lot of conflicts in the establishment of this pair. The coalition of SBY – Berbudi parties rejects the idea of this pair since they don’t represent the Islamic value.

This is definitely a jaw-breaking comment brought by the coalition parties of SBY – Berbudi. They are trying to make a pair which represents Islamic value? What happened to religion tolerence or the separation between religion and government? And to be thinking that the democratic party still wants to pretain the coalition with these parties is just repulses me. I’m worried if this pair elected to be the next leader, they will be driven by these fundamentalists which want to force Islam to be the only core of the constitution of Indonesia.

And don’t get me started on Megawati – Prabowo Subianto (Mega – Pro). This pair is established between two parties that have different perspective in politics. Megawati’s political party, Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP), embraces democracy. Meanwhile, Prabowo’s political party, Gerakan Indonesia Raya (Gerindra), embraces conservative view which is in the opposite view of PDIP principles. Also, let’s not forget the controversy in Gerindra party in the Munir murder case. What repulses me more with Gerindra is the huge budget they used in promoting their party in the media, especially television media. If they are not hesitate in spending more than one billion rupiahs to get elected, then they won’t be hesitant to spend our money for their private cause.

Next is the vision of the candidates. I was interested in JK – Win pair which will focus on the advancement of technology in Indonesia. I mean, Indonesia is really in need of an improvement in technology sector. Cyberspace needs improvement, the military needs better aircrafts seeing the recent incidents occurs, and transportation needs improvement. Indonesia needs to be technology-independent to be competitive against Malaysia and Singapore. We have the eligible men-power and someone needs to effictively utilize them. Jusuf Kalla is by far the man that is up to this job.

What I doubt if I choose SBY – Berbudi to be the next leader is his emphasis to fix Indonesia’s morale by improving the constitution. I’m sorry, Indonesia’s morale is at stake? And to think that problem can be fix by enforcing anti-pornography law in Indonesia? It’s just ridiculous. Middle east countries are the most conservative countries in banning pornography and where are their education level? Below Japan and USA which doesn’t have anti-pornography law. If Indonesia is at stake, it will be the economy sector. This just show you that SBY’s decision is largely driven by islamic faction. If you want to improve Indonesia morale, do it by improving education level. Intellect people tend to make responsible choice and aware of the consequences. And Mega-Pro? please……..

Last, we need a leader which embraces a free market principle. Indonesia now is considered an investment opportunities by lots of international companies and it is a great opportunity to gain profit from that sector. Lots of job opportunities can be created and bring competition to the market which will force national companies to enhance their service quality to keep competitive. Therefore, I choose JK which has an economic background to do the job, eventhough I’m quite doubtful with Wiranto as his pairing partner. My excuse of doubting Wiranto? His conservative view and military background.


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