Facebook = Haram?

nofacebookThe first time I heard this issue was in the news heading in a private TV station. Muslim’s ulama are banning facebook and declared it as haram (forbidden)? Wow, now that’s a controversial story that will make a headline in most of online blog and news.

So, I tried to search about this issue in kompas online news website. Turns out, facebook was not declared as haram by the muslim’s ulama. They were warning their disciples the misuse potential in facebook such as mis-identity, propaganda, and pornography.

Therefore people, don’t get mad so fast  in accusing that Islam is banning facebook. I also heard a baseless accusation since the founder of facebook is Jewish, they are banning it from usage. So, enough with this issue and let’s get back to our usual life.

However, I got to say that the Ulama’s heat against facebook is just weird. I mean, Islam always promote silahturahmi or brotherhood with other people, right? So, why are they so against it instead of promoting it to spread Islamic view? Then again, they are not against commercial phone service which use fortune-telling as their sales point. Isn’t that mean you are believing in other than God?

Anyway, this issue is just a petty attempt in demeaning Islam by spreading propaganda that Islam is anti-freedom. So guys, be objective and don’t quickly jump into conclusion.

News source: http://regional.kompas.com/read/xml/2009/05/24/08194589/Facebook.Haram


2 responses to “Facebook = Haram?

  1. anything popular and fun will eventually be considered as haram. that seems to be the trend nowadays – in fact im surprised they havent proclaimed tv and internet as haram yet.

  2. Melihat perkembangan teknologi informasi dan telekomunikasi khususnya Facebook, ada banyak pergeseran dan perubahan cara kita berkomunikasi. Kemunculan dan perkembangan internet terus bergerak cepat seiring waktu, dunia virtual menjadi sarana komunikasi yang sangat mempermudah aktivitas kita. Tulisan http://miphz.wordpress.com/2009/11/25/menakar-facebook-dari-sisi-teritorialitas/ berusaha melihat lebih dalam dari sisi psikologis khususnya perlilaku pengguna salah satu situs jejaring sosial yang sangat terkenal, Facebook. Selamat mebaca, feedback dari anda kami terima dengan hangat, terimakasih sebelumnya.

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