The Perfect Reflection of Soeharto in The Eyes of Susilo

sby_soehartoObserving his duty as the president of Indonesia in the last five years duty period has kept me thinking of how alike this person against the second president of Indonesia. The name is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, a military-background person which Indonesian people know him better by his initial, SBY. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t compare SBY against Soeharto in the dictatorship or military background. Conversely, I compare SBY against Soeharto in one factor that suits them most, charisma.

In Soeharto’s duty period as the president of Indonesia, he has successfully build a strong impression in the eyes of Indonesian people. Soeharto’s achievements are without a doubt impressive in his period of duty. He successfully stopped the rebellion army of communist party and build a strong military force. The proof of strong military force in Indonesia during his duty period can be proven in the Indonesia’s participation of UN liberation Army by the name of “Pasukan Garuda”. Indonesia’s special force called “Kopassus” achieved the second best military quality in the world (The number one was the Israeli troops, btw). Not only that, Soeharto also able to improve education level in Indonesia, resulting in many neighbouring country to come learn to Indonesia. Economic was quite stable although many monopoly existed.

However, Soeharto was notorious for his dictatorship. Press was often pressured by the government during his period as the president and often shuted off if the press make a critic against the government. Gamble was legalized and corruption was everywhere. The nation started to collapse as he is convicted of embezzlement. There, the nation went to chaos, the nation demands that Soeharto should resign from his presidency. There, Soeharto agreed to resigned and put to trial by the Constitution. How did it went? He was never convicted until the death came to himself. Not even a person could prosecute him for his wrongful doing and how the nation reacts? We stood mute, releasing Soeharto’s sins down to his grave. Even some of us were praising him for his innocence.

Then, after a long government transition with ballistic impact on the nation, leading the nation to lost Timor Timur as one of the islands that belong to Indonesia and rebellion army rising in Aceh and Papua, came along Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as the hero who peace the nation. His action was backed up by God which in the amidst of Aceh’s fight for independent, a tsunami struck Aceh and the rebellion army was literally wiped out. There, peace was made and the nation was back to normal. Papua’s rebellion army was forced to retreat and ceased out. There, the name of SBY rose to the surface. Everyone was saluting him for his leadership. And the situation was advantageous for SBY. In his period, a bunch of disasters struck the nation, this time it’s earthquake and volcano eruption.

There, SBY got the momentum to further expand his charisma by reacting fast in helping the earthquake victims. He also profoundedly shout that it is our responsibility to help the victim of the earthquake, not the foreigners who came in the aid to help the victims. SBY also liked for his disciplinary traits in the governmental meeting. All representatives that are found dozing off during the meeting are being yelled by SBY. Of course, his action brings further salutation from the nation which no president in Indonesia has ever done. SBY also a quite hot-tempered guy and he can’t handle critic too well. It is proven that whichever media criticizing the government  gets a quite pressure from him (Remember Republik Mimpi, guys?). Not only that, the Australian media that critized him has put SBY to a furious state and stating that Australia commit a treacherous act against Indonesia.

Lastly, SBY is quite loud in shutting down the media which broadcast sensitive issue such as the communist party. The unprovened film entitled Lastri which depicted the life of a woman in a communist party was never made it to the screen since it is a sensitive topic. Not only that, homosexuality and religion-debunking film are definitely will go to the trash by the censorship without further much a do. Now, the question leaves us to “Will we get another dictator in our nation again?”


2 responses to “The Perfect Reflection of Soeharto in The Eyes of Susilo

  1. it’s a slippery slope walking the line between a prosperous dictatorship and a troubled republic which is only further complicated by the landscape of our 21st century media. perspective is everything when it comes to popular consensus and the media certainly can influence the collective consciousness. we can only stay vigilant in our own observations, try to only allow so much spoonfeeding, and pray that the good will out.

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