Stupid Comment: Don’t Revoke Omni International Hospital Operational Permit Just Because of One Person

omniI just read a news from the internet that revoking Omni International Hospital operational permit may not be a wise idea. I believe it was Agus Wahyudi, a representative for Tangerang region, who said that closing Omni International Hospital may lead to the unemployment of the Omni’s employees. Furthermore, he stated that just because of symphatizing a suffering one person, don’t make a company to close down its operation that may impact to thousand of people working in the Omni International Hospital.

I’m sorry, what? Did I hear someone saying that a life of one person is not to be considered to the unemployment of thousands of people. Well Mr. Agus Wahyudi, let’s see if you in the same position as Mrs. Prita  and someone says just like what you said. What do you feel? This representative is nothing but a cold hearted individual which calculate person’s life in a some kind of weight over unemployment.

My opinion is, when you established a company that’s dedicated in saving people’s life , you assume every responsibility of the malpractice and misdiagnose that might happen in the company entirely not individually. Tolerating Omni International Hospital to keep operating is an insult to human life which they have toyed with. Healthcare system should be strict since this is human life we are dealing with. Also, keeping Omni International Hospital operating may leads to the assumption that it’s OK to make mistake to other healthcare institution.

I say, enough with the blabbering and close down this incompetent hospital right away. Let this be a pioneering way to better improve the healthcare system in Indonesia. Give us back the oath you have taken to always value human life. Don’t just orient your company into business and making profit.

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