Transformers: Rise of the Fallen

TransformersRevengeOfTheFallenHey, guys. I’m back on writing my blog again and truly it’s nice to be able to write a post again after finishing my major concern, thesis. Well, for today’s post, it will be a review of Transformers: Rise of the Fallen, a sequel to the first Transformers. I watched this film on the day it went premiere, June 26th 2009, and the line was crazy. I barely got the ticket for 21:00, eventhough I’ve waited from noon. I guess the first Transformers was a captivated film that people were hungry for another encore of the Transformers series. So, I got the ticket and it was on the D seat, not bad for watching pleasure.

So, I was anticipating a great movie that I would be watching for the night and it makes me giddy to wait. I’ve actually watched the trailer and it was a mind-blowing one. That night, I went to the movies with my sister. My heart was pumping and my body was anxious.

So, how did it went? AMAZING! If you think the first Transformers was great, than this is great multiply by a hundread. The action was mind-blowing and full of physical scene. We were presented a three hours of non-stop climax, there is no rest and it’s just a hardcore-blow-up-rocket-and-missile action. New characters were introduced in both of the group and I got to say Optimus Prime and Bumblebee got more cooler action scenes. What I’m a little disappointed is the new characters wasn’t getting a sufficient action scenes, which is totally understandable. I was captivated by a robot from Autobots called “Sideswipe”. He appeared in the beginning of the screen and was pursuing a deception. I love his catchphrase when he ripped the decepticon aparts, “Damn, I’m cool!”.

The new characters that were also captivating were the Twins, from the autobots faction. Say what you want about them being a loser and always being a joke in every scene, but when they fight the devastator, it was a hell lot of hardcore action and ass-whooping comments. I love when they shouted “In your face!” to the devastator.

Oh yeah, the last new character that I’ve put my eyes on is Jetfire, a decepticon. His comment is just hilarious and I wasn’t thinking one bit that this old-rusty robot can fight. But I was damn wrong and his admiration towards Optimus Prime was the thing that captivated me most.

Overall, it was an awesome movie, especially on the action and visuals. The explosion were trumendous and tremoring, and it’s just non-stop adrenalin when you watch this movie. I wouldn’t mind watching this movie again until three times because I can’t get enough of it. So guys, for you movie fans, this is a must-watch movie.

Rating: 5/5


3 responses to “Transformers: Rise of the Fallen

  1. Are you a troll? Seriously, Revenge of the Fallen is one awful movie. A bunch of action scenes with explosions do not make a good movie, something every Michael Bay fan should learn.

  2. Well, what do you expect? I also watched Transformers for the sake of the action piece. Besides, the battle choreography has much improved and many characters were introduced. Isn’t that what the fans need? Aside from that, you got the drama when Optimus Prime was destroyed and the joke bits were hilarious. It’s better than Clash of The Titan, Percy Jackson, and Prince of Persia combined.

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