On The Spotlight: Cromartie High School

7-1-2009 11-23-41 PMJust finished watching a hilarious classic anime and I think it’s worth sharing it with you guys. This anime is called “Cromartie High School”, an anime which depicts a life of delinquents which may not what you think the most delinquents have. These delinquents are feared in the school by their subordinates but it seems they have one thing that they don’t want the others to know. For example, the boss of Cromartie High School leads many subordinates and is fear for his outrageous power, but he tends to carsick whenever riding a vehicle. It makes a hilarious story when the Cromartie High School students went on study trip.

There’s also the Bass High School delinquent who is strong and capable in fighting but in truth, he runs a website as a moderator forum which might have been a very courteous moderator. Also, the main character, Kamiyama, is your average normal high school student who caught up in a delinquent high school. But for some reason, everybody misunderstood him as a fearsome guy. Oh yeah, the anime also included a character which resembles Freddie Mercury (I don’t know what he is doing there and he is always topless. Maybe for a big ugly joke^^).

Anyway, this anime is your classic comedy anime. I like the hiperbolic reaction when they reacted to a joke (you know, the semi-realistic image transition and the shining background or ocean wave background). I also like how the anime depicted cigar which the delinquents are smoking (see pictures for more detail), kinda send a message that smoking is bad, guys^^.

Ok, enough talk. So there you go, my recommendation for a relaxing anime to watch, the type you watch when you are just finished with your busy work such as doing your thesis. Enjoy!

7-1-2009 11-22-55 PM7-1-2009 11-24-22 PM7-1-2009 11-24-46 PM7-1-2009 11-25-07 PM7-1-2009 11-25-27 PM7-1-2009 11-26-01 PM7-1-2009 11-26-22 PM7-1-2009 11-27-11 PM7-1-2009 11-27-40 PM7-1-2009 11-27-59 PM7-1-2009 11-28-15 PM7-1-2009 11-29-07 PM7-1-2009 11-31-20 PM7-1-2009 11-32-18 PM7-1-2009 11-32-41 PM7-1-2009 11-33-01 PM7-1-2009 11-33-19 PM


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