The President National Election Campaign Conclusion

theCandidatesWith the presidential national election coming up on July 8th 2009, I got to say that it’s been a roller coaster ride for me in deciding who I will choose as the next president and vice president for 2009-2014 period.

Initially, my choice was Jusuf Kalla – Wiranto. I’ve already discussed why I choose them as the next leader of Indonesia in the previous post and I’m like “That’s it, I’m going to choose them on July 8th”.

However, up until this day, I’m a little bit repulse by the campaign strategy that JK – Wiranto had. It seems that they employ negative campaign against other candidates, especially SBY – Boediono. Well, these negative campaigns are not publicised in the mass media and I’ve only seen them on the streets which probably the people who erect that banner might’ve not come from the official campaign party. Also to be fair, other candidates were also launching their own negative campaign, especially Megawati – Prabowo, who publicised it to the TV, saying that we can’t survive if we elect the same new government as of now.

However, JK – Wiranto should know that they are an underdog now and it will do them no benefit to launch negative campaigns against other candidates. Organize your publicity, Sir, because you need to gain as much sympathy as you can gain. You already hook me up with Youth Loan for Entrepreneurship plan, now it’s time to let people know that you are a humble person.

JK – Wiranto, by far you are the loudest candidate which call for economic market improvement for countering the next year crisis, which in fact a good solution for this crisis. However, you need to gain publicity as fast as you can. Stating a briliant plan for your term of presidency is not enough to get you elected.
You should’ve gone for trivial matters to gain good impression swiftly. Finishing the Lapindo mud victims complains and demands would be a start, I wonder how you skipped that?

Mr. Jk – Wiranto, I really am supporting for you to be the next leader of Indonesia, but it seems SBY – Boediono understood how to get attention quickly. Remember their campaign of employing only one cycle of election? That is a brilliant way to say that there is no need to waste budget on two times election and honestly, I was amazed that SBY – Boediono had one common idea as I do. So, what are you going to do now Mr. JK – Wiranto? Best wishes for the presidential national election.


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