‘Golput’ is not Neutral, It’s Cowardness

poster-golputPresidential national election is up ahead on July 8th 2009, folks. However, I’ve heard many from my colleagues and friends that they are not going to elect anyone as their next leader of Indonesia or in our term, they are a ‘Golput’. Honestly, this comment is quite a mind-boggling one for those who live in Indonesia as a citizen of Indonesia.

I understand that vote is a right not a must, but think about it this way, if all people are thinking the same as what you thought, then who will lead our country? Won’t the condition be worse than actually vote a crap candidate? I’ve watched one of Michael Moore film which he intentionally register a ficcus tree as a representative for a certain region. Surprisingly, the ficcus tree won the election cause most people just fade up with the dimwitting quality of their representatives.

Well, I do appreciate Michael Moore approach of justice and revealing the corruption that is in the government entity, but registering a ficcus tree as a symbol of protest is not the answer to a better solution. And so as being a Golput. You aren’t doing any favor to the advancement of Indonesia nor finishing Indonesia problems. All you do is you ran away and be quiet, taking no action whatsoever which may lead to worse condition.

If you really do love this nation and want it to thrive, you’ll search for a better candidate, get to know him and let it known to other friends who don’t know. Educate them that eventhough vote is a right, it is a very critical issue since Indonesia’s future is on the hand of the next leader and without a leader, this nation will fall apart. Whether or not the candidate is dislikeable to your vision, just pick the candidate that is less worse than the others. It is then the responsibility of the people to observe the government work not to derail from what he has promised.

I also heard from one source that direct voting is a sense of degrading in democracy practice since nobody is adopting this practice anymore. They say that representative vote is the best practice to a democratic country, just like in the United States. Well, I say “screw you”. Even the citizen in the United States are shouting “One man, one voice” since representative vote is injustice which a person can have different voting power in practice. Our nation has the best democracy practice and it is an advancement. It has achieved the pinnacle of democracy and don’t dare to lead us the new order again.

Anyway, I declared Golput is a coward act and I’m sick of cowards, always blabbering of how unsatisfying things are without ever do anything to make the nation better. They are just a bunch of ignorant who can’t get the picture of how crucial democracy practice is. Make this year a different one guys, stop being a Golput now!


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