Desktop Goodies: Hatsune Miku Rainmeter

Hatsune Miku is back! Yep, it’s time for another Hatsune Miku for your Rainmeter skin. Since it’s a hot summer, I thought I might cool down with a light blue theme for my Rainmeter skin. So, I decided to pick Hatsune Miku as my Rainmeter skin. Oh yeah, another note for my classmate, Richky, I’ll make a Megurine Luka Rainmeter skin so be patient okay? I haven’t got the perfect picture yet. In the meantime, enjoy the Hatsune Miku version first.

7-8-2009 9-45-47 PMSkin Name: Hatsune Miku

File Size: 141 KB

Color Theme: Light Blue


Note: A Rainmeter application can be downloaded in my previous post. Don’t forget to extract and move the folder to your Rainmeter skin directory. Happy downloading!


15 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Hatsune Miku Rainmeter

  1. Huraaaaaay, another awesome rainmeter skin.

    Thank you very much.

    I can’t wait for the Megurine Luka rainmeter skin also ^_^

    • As far as I know you can’t unless you do some clever code re-writing. I don’t understand why you’re having problems with it unless you have really low RAM. I have no problems at all. How much RAM do you have?

    • There is a way to integerate with WMP which you have to use the WMP plugin from Rainmeter. Just search google how to do this or you can browse the Rainmeter section. I think I have posted the way in the comment section.

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