The IT Crowd — A Comedy Show Even a Noob Can Understand

7-9-2009 10-22-01 PMI actually got this series from my friend, BJ. First of all, I thought this show is just for those IT nerds who master the jargons of IT so I’m expecting some brilliantly yet hard to understand joke about IT. Turns out, this show is about the life about 3 people working in the IT department of Reynholm Industries.

This show depicts how Jen, the IT manager that doesn’t know anything about IT, and her subordinates, Roy and Morris, your typical nerds, surviving the incompetent people in using their computers.

You got the gag about “Have you turn the button off and on again?” to “Are you sure the cable is plugged-in?”. Don’t worry about the computer jargon people, because it doesn’t have one (well, a little bit of computer knowledge might be appropriate to understand^^). Also, the show depicts how sometime IT department is insignificant to that Accounting and Lawyer department, which is very hilarious.

Oh yeah, I forgot that this show is from the United Kingdom, so be prepare for your typical English joke (You know, English comedy show has some nasty stuff and sometimes vulgar^^). Overall, this show is quite hilarious even for you, newbies out there. You will get a dose of ignorance in the show which from time to time makes you laugh. Also, I find that this show depicts perfectly how IT departments is all about, the ambience which is full of peripherals and dust all over the place, the people which are anti-social and nerdy. Lastly, of course you got the ignorant client who just buzzes you out of trivial problem, such as how to open the laptop.

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4 responses to “The IT Crowd — A Comedy Show Even a Noob Can Understand

  1. “is the button glowing? U do know how button works right? No, not the one on clothes.”

    Ini lho, yg gw ceritain pas ke bandung dulu souz, yg gw ceritain komedi IT goblok.

    FIRE .
    FIRE .
    FIRE .

  2. “Nice screensaver!!” Lol, that scene really burst me into laughter.


    It’s just sad that Denohlm(sp) got replaced by his son. That new boss hardly makes me laugh and isn’t even as funny and cool as his father.. :< I rather have that creepy goth Richmond as their new boss..

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