Anime Summer List 2009

summer09animeIt’s a little bit late, but what the hell I post it anyway. Since it’s a new season where as it would be summer season’s anime, I thought I would post a list of animes that will be broadcasted during the summer period.

Okay, first thing in the dock is Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. What else should I say about this anime? Hilarious, intelligent, and twisted themes all packed in this hilarious comedy show. After watching the first season, Zoku, and Goku, I have a high hope for the sequel and it didn’t fail me one bit. It still a never-ending comedy anime with well-crafted hiperbolic reality exaggeration theme. So, make sure you watch this anime if you are a fan of intelligent comedy.

Next, keep an eye on two mytery theme animes. Umineko naku no koro ni and Bakemonogatari are the next shows for you, horror lovers. Well, Umineko naku no koro ni is a bit like Higurashi naku no koro ni except it’s a completely different story with different characters. The element of innocent child playing murderly intent character is still there, though. On the other hand, Bakemonogatari is a kind of grotesque horror flick, telling about humans who posses unnatural powers such as immortality. Bakemonogatari is a kind more of action genre with mystery theme combined, so I guess it will be a kind of fun wathing the show (Haven’t seen it yet, though).

Then, of course you have to watch Hetalia Axis Power 2. If you don’t know this anime, it’s about the World War but a retelling in a kind of comedic theme in it. I enjoyed the first season and it was hilarious. So, you might want to grab this anime when it started the broadcast. Also, keep an eye on Spice and Wolf II for you who fancy a slice of life and romance theme anime.

Last but not least, don’t miss Canaan. If you like Fate/ Stay Night, Shingetsutan  Tsukihime, & Kara no Kyoukai – Canaan is your next anime to watch. Canaan comes from the same production house as this animes, Type-Moon, so if you are a fan of their work, you might want to watch Canaan.

I think that’s the anime that I will be watching for this summer and I will update you with reviews once I have watched the anime. In the meantime, enjoy your summer time guys! I’m going to Bali on the 18th.


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