Canaan — Action Genre Anime With Lots Of Cool Chicks

7-12-2009 1-36-49 PMJust finished watching Canaan, the new anime show for this summer 2009. I got to say that this show has the potential for a great action genre anime. Gunshot battle combined with mystic eyes power and cool chicks wrap the anime into a cool fan-service action anime.

Now, if you haven’t heard Type/Moon, which is the author of this anime, you might also want to recall or watch Fate/ Stay Night, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, and Kara no Kyoukai. If you are a fan of the animes previously mentioned, then Canaan is the next anime you want to watch.

I’ve already watched the first episode and it started in a highly suspensed action with exciting gunshot battle. The plot is still unclear but we get to know that Canaan is a girl who worked as an assassin and she is now taking order from the government. From her tattoos, it seems that she was originally worked for the “Hebi”, an unknown organization that is hunted by the government for some reason. We are also introduced by the concept of the “Synesthesist”, which is the power that is harnessed by a special person that enables him/her to use all of the five senses together. In the case of Canaan, she can manipulate her eyes to see through the environment and mark each element in the environment with colors (The power is still mysterious, so I describe it literally from what I saw in the 1st episode).

By the way, Canaan has an uncanny resemblance with Arcueid from Shingetsutan Tsukihime, doesn’t she? The main difference would be from the hair color. Other than that, the resemblance is a perfect mirror image. Also, Canaan also has an affinity with cats, which is the same case as Arcueid. Anyway, don’t miss watching Canaan if you are an action genre anime fan especially a Type/Moon artwork fan. This anime is exciting with lots of cool chicks in it (Probably Canaan will be the next badass heroine in the list).

7-12-2009 1-37-28 PM7-12-2009 1-37-54 PM7-12-2009 1-38-11 PM7-12-2009 1-39-13 PM7-12-2009 1-39-39 PM7-12-2009 1-40-13 PM7-12-2009 1-40-37 PM7-12-2009 1-41-08 PM7-12-2009 1-42-13 PM7-12-2009 1-43-07 PM7-12-2009 1-43-33 PM7-12-2009 1-43-53 PM7-12-2009 1-44-34 PM7-12-2009 1-45-09 PM7-12-2009 1-45-29 PM7-12-2009 1-46-20 PM7-12-2009 1-46-49 PM7-12-2009 1-47-41 PM7-12-2009 1-48-09 PM7-12-2009 1-48-37 PM7-12-2009 1-48-56 PM7-12-2009 1-49-25 PM


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