Desktop Goodies: Hatsune Miku Calendar

Since, most of you demand more Hatsune Miku Rainmeter skin, I thought I made you the calendar version one. It took about 20 minutes to mask the picture out and I’m happy with the result. Anyway, enjoy the rainmeter skin I just made for you.

7-23-2009 12-06-51 PMSkin Name: Hatsune Miku Calendar

File Size: 152 KB

Color Theme: Light Blue


Note: A Rainmeter application can be downloaded in my previous post. Don’t forget to extract and move the folder to your Rainmeter skin directory. Happy downloading!


9 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Hatsune Miku Calendar

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and was wondering:

    Where do I download the application for Calendar/Rainmeter, seeing as there is so much stuff on here.

    Also, does any of this stuff work on Windows Vista, and is it free?

    Thanks, Scribbles.

  2. I just went into rainmeter for around two weeks and I’m loving it~ and I found bunch of vocaloid rainmeter stuffs on your blog! thanks! <3

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