Dead Fantasy III & IV – Not A Long Enough Action To Anticipate

7-26-2009 9-22-54 AM*Spoiler Alert*. If you haven’t watched Dead Fantasy III & IV yet, then this post may spoil the fun of watching the video. BTW, you can download the latest Dead Fantasy in his Gametrailers account.

First, I’m not one of Monty Oum’s haters who are babbling about how his work can be done by anyone else. Trust me, I think of him as a maestro of 3D graphic noted that he learnt 3D all by himself (congrats on your recruitment to Namco, dude).

And Dead Fantasy is one of his works that I fancy besides Haloid and Icarus (It’s because of the ladies in the video. You know I like cool chicks who can fight^^). Anyway, I’ve watched Dead Fantasy III & IV and all I have to say is “I want more action!”. Well, it’s nice that this time, Monty Oum added element of intric by introducing a story plot instead of action pack fighting. However, Monty oum sacrificed the action time by reducing the fighting sequence for merely 1-2 minutes. Didn’t we anticipate Dead Fantasy III & IV because of the fighting scene?

Despite the short fighting sequence, I think the fighting itself is amazing. More gore and blood are introduced in Dead Fantasy III and I root for Hitomi for winning the battle against Tifa eventhough she is blinded by Tifa with her materia. And to think that Hitomi can steal Tifa’s materia and use it against her is an event turner that I’ve never expected (Good job on that, Monty).

Also, I like the Yuna’s summon mode which we are introduced to the concept of summoning in Dead Fantasy IV. The summoned beings are great but then again the fighting sequence is too short. Plus, the appearance of Cloud wiping out the battlefield disturb me so in Dead Fantasy IV. I thought this is an all Female animation, but I guess Cloud’s appearance is to connect the story plot between Dead Fantasy III and Dead Fantasy IV. The scene where Yuna lean in to Cloud in his bike also disturbs me (Come on Monty. Think of the FF fans out there who fancy Cloud and Tifa to be together).

Anyway, it’s a great animation overall and I guess we have to wait until Dead Fantasy V arrives. My speculation is that Dead Fantasy III and Dead Fantasy IV is a teaser and prelude to the upcoming Dead Fantasy V which will have longer storyline (I hope so^^). Oh yeah, another part that I got problems with is “The huge eyes”. The characters in Dead Fantasy has an insanely huge eyes especially Tifa, Yuna, Cloud, and Kasumi. Hitomi eyes were fine and proportional but for the others, they are just hilariously funny. Good job for realising Dead Fantasy, though. I’ll be anticipating the next installment of Dead Fantasy.

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