Hetalia Axis Power — Studying World History Has Never Been This Fun

7-26-2009 11-39-36 PMYou know, I always hate history subject since there is a lot of memorization to do and I always suck at that particular subject. However, my view has a little bit change since I watched Hetalia Axis Power. Well, at least for the World War part.

If you haven’t watched Hetalia Axis Power, this anime is a personification of the World War history which is embeded in humans as the subject of the countries involves in it. So in other words, these anime tells us about Europe & America history, particularly in the World War era, by transforming countries into anime characters (literally). So you got the Axis and the Allied which are involved in the WWI. The character personification in this anime is uncanny. They use general stereotype to personify each country. So you got the strict Germany, the happy-go-lucky Italy, the charming France, and many more stereotypes that will make you laugh.

This anime is a 5 minutes span anime, so sometimes I can’t get enough of Hetalia Axis Power. So, if you guys are looking for a hilarious yet educating anime or maybe having difficulties in your WWI & WWII exams, this anime might be an aid for your thirst. I guess this anime is underrated given the unpopularity in the anime forum which quite a shame since this show is quite brilliant. Anyway, grab this anime guys. It’s a worth-watch.

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4 responses to “Hetalia Axis Power — Studying World History Has Never Been This Fun

  1. Why does England (Or britian) Have such big eyebrows… I’m from England and peopel dno’t have big eyebrows “>.<

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